Site Accessibility Statement
Wilfrid Laurier University Leaf
December 2, 2015

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Library - Access Services


1. Personnel

Key Contacts: Head and Coordinator Stack Maintenance are recalled to work immediately. After assessment is complete others will be recalled to work to begin recovery effort and set up public service.

Vera Fesnak


519-884-0710 ext. 3413

Pam Reeve

Stacks Maintenance Coordinator

2. Computing

i) Hardware/Equipment/Furnishings:

  • 3M self-checkout unit
  • The safe
  • Moneris debit machine
  • Ariel workstations (2)
  • 3 computers for circulation services (charging, discharging, processing requests)
  • 5 staff computers (Reserves, Lending/Borrowing, Head, Accounts

ii) Software

  • Central Administrative Databases B TRELLIS, RACER/VDX, Ariel, Omnis? , Banner, Novell and email access
  • PC-Based- Windows, Microsoft Office

iii) Networking /Communications

  • Access services: shared files (Accessweb (M); Tugdocstats (J); shared emails : racer; raceradmin; wlucirc; wlures
  • Internet access B most critical uses are running of daily reports on Cognos web; lending and borrowing requests from RACER (ILL system)

3. Information

All critical hard-copy documents required for the functioning of the Department can be re-created with access to the network .

Vera Fesnak

Vfesnakon wlu cluster

Staff Intranet

Heather Hergott

Hhergott on wlu cluster

All others on access web M:

4. Space, Furnishings and other "Infrastructure" Needs

In order to respond as quickly as possible to disaster, the Access Services' goal is to restore service for borrowing, lending of the collection as quickly as possible. To meet this goal the following areas need to be made accessible and or moved immediately.

Physical space requirements:

  • Reserve Collection & workstations space = 800 sq. ft.
  • Ensemble /Slides Collection =
  • Work space = Initially 5 staff (500 sq. ft.)
  • After it is determined that the Library will begin to provide full services call in the rest of the staff9 staff x 100 sq. ft = 900 sq. ft.

The collection behind the counter- 2-200

  • holds from other libraries, including article requests
  • returns to other libraries (IUTS materials)
  • phono (3856)
  • cd collection (692)
  • video collection (83)
  • film collection (30)
  • Restricted circ (oversize = approx. 80)

From the office of ILL (Lending (Room 1-114) /Borrowing (Room 3-312)

  • Invoice files (1-114)
  • Tug requests (in bins) (1-114)
  • Borrowers requests (Pending, overdue, non-pickup) (3-312)

From the office of the Head of Access Services- Office number 2-202

  • Personnel files (second filing cabinet from the outside office door
  • Master key to the building located in
  • Head of Access service-Hard drive

From the office of the Circulation Coordinator/User Accounts- Office number 2-203

  • Patron Account files (Blue folders)
  • Apeals binder (Black binder)
  • Business Office payments (Yellow folder)
  • Reimbursement folder (Pink folder)

The above are all located in the filing cabinet immediately to the right of the inside staff door.

From the officethe Reserve Supervisor- Office number 2-201

  • Fall/winter/spring/summer reserve requests file
  • Permanent reserve file
  • Pending reserve requests file
  • Student excel budget files

From the office of Music Listening and Slides

  • Ensemble Collection (61, 952 item count)
  • Slides Collection (50,000)

5. Other Forms and Supplies

Mail Services- within first day, a process for mail delivery and pickup for sending notices, IUTS for book returns primarily

TUG deliveries- immediately, for delivery/pickup of patron requests and returns

6. Testing and Updating of the BCP

Testing of the BCP for each high priority area will utilize measures and procedures appropriate for the processes and operations involved. (e.g. Checklists, simulations, full interruption testing). The act of testing should not interfere with the normal university business and processes governing day to day operations. All significant aspects of the BCP must be included by the test procedures used. The test results should be documented and any corrective actions incorporated.

It is essential to quantitatively measure the BCP test results, including: elapsed time to perform various activities, accuracy of each activity, and amount of work completed. Preformatted forms can be useful to document and evaluate test results.

Responsibility for testing and updating the document

It is imperative that this document be kept up-to-date. Each manager of the business processes and areas cited in this document should keep their BCP section current.


Tasks and Procedures - Pre-disruption

As a member of the Initial Emergency Response Team the Head of Access Services will:

Conduct initial damage assessment and take preliminary actions

1.Coordinate communications among Access Services staff

2.Keep records of all decisions made and activities undertaken

Tasks and Procedures - Post-disruption

Restoring Library Services- General

After initial salvage is underway, plans must be made for restoration of library service. The University Librarian will work with the campus administration to:

1. Establish operations for Circulation, Reserve, ILL, Music and Slides Lending, TUGdeliveries.

  • Determine a temporary location. Initiate phone service. Establish a 1-800 for staff to call in so that no matter where they are they can contact the Library to establish sequence of schedules for return to work
  • Contact coordinators in the department to begin initial restoration of services
  • Computer hook-ups
  • Obtain shelving, furniture, computers, office supplies
  • Discuss cooperation with other area libraries

NOTE: each unique situation will bring its own set of constraints which will affect recovery operations. Based on the initial damage assessment, decide whether to:

  • withdraw and set-up outside the library building in an area designated by the university
  • attempt to salvage damaged materials, close off the area and continue service as normal from the main floor circulation desk