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November 27, 2015

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Payroll Services


1. Personnel

BCP Site Coordinator : Manager - HRIS

The site coordinator will work with the Director of ITS for computing, network and information resources and Assistant Vice-President, Physical Resources for space and furnishings

Minimum number of staff required : 5

  • Manager - HRIS
  • Senior Payroll Administrator
  • Payroll Administrators (3)

Maximum Acceptable "Down-time": 24 hours

2. Computing

i) Hardware

  • 5 P.C.s, at least one of which is equipped with a C.D. burner capable of running software listed in section (ii).
  • One laser printer with both regular printer cartridge and one m.i.c.r. ink cartridge
  • One line printer with printer cartridge

ii) Software

  • Central Administrative Databases - SCT Banner, Novell and email access
  • PC-based - Windows, Microsoft Office, E-visions

iii) Networking / Communications

  • Connections between PCs, printers, and central network
  • Internet access - most critical uses are payroll direct deposit and employee Record of employment remittances

3. Information Resources

"Standing" payroll data required for providing ongoing services is currently maintained in the following drives:


No standing data would be required.

Senior Payroll Administrator

Lolita Atienza - Most recent payrolls stored on Flash Drive (kept off site)

All critical hard-copy documents required for processing activities can be re-created with access to the Internet.

4. Space, Furnishings, and Other "Infrastructure" Needs

Physical space requirements :

  • work space - 500 square feet
  • storage space - 100 square feet

Furnishings (work stations and chairs) for 5 people

5 telephones with long-distance capabilities, and required cabling and communication lines for same

5. Other Forms and Supplies

Direct deposit forms and standard issue cheques from Moore Office Supplies (519-725-8600 ext.234). As these are now basic stock they can be ordered and received within two days of ordering. A small supplyis stored in a secure off-site location.

General supplies, such as 8 2 x 11 paper, pens, pencils, staplers, etc... can be purchased from Basics Office Supply by the Manager using the Wilfrid Laurier University Human Resources Department account number.

6. Service Resources

Accounts Payable - a means of generating a source deductions cheque needs to be made available immediately

Mail Services - within three days, a process for moving mail to and from the alternate location needs to be established.

7. Emergency Personnel - on call list


Home Phone:

Cell (if available):

Office (Rm#) and Phone:

Note: Care should be taken when distributing unlisted phone numbers, information is stored with Payroll Service Manager.

Tasks and Procedures - Pre - disruption

Unit:Payroll Services

Responsibility:Manager, Payroll Services

Process Name:

Information Technology Role: Banner ( Finance)

Inform critical outside service providers (such asRBC) that BRP exists and implications of invoking the plan to their organizations. Although the responsibility of thePayroll Supervisor, all Payroll Administrators should be trained as to what information they should give to the company when telephoning. Telephone numbers and contact information should be placed in the secure location.

Provisions should be made to allow a limited number of Purchase Orders to be generated quickly in event of a disruption.

All relevant "standing" payroll data stored on P.C. hard drives should be updated regularly, with back-ups maintained and stored in a secure location (data is then available to be restored on new machines).

Tasks and Procedures - Post - disruption

Unit:Payroll Services

Responsibility: Manager, Payroll Services

Process Name:

Information Technology Role: Banner ( Finance)

A. General Procedures

If Security Services has not been made aware of the invocation of the BRP, the Manager, HRIS will first notify this area that the plan has been invoked. Security Services will proceed in notifying all other areas of the University that the Plan has been invoked.

Any staff members on vacation should be immediately recalled, if possible.

Payroll's primary focus would be to get people paid. In the event of a disruption in excess of 24 hours, no exception time (vacation, sick leave, personal days) would be entered into the database. Managers would continue to record this information at the department level; it would be held at the department level until such time as Payroll was ready to receive and retain the information. Reconciliation for all employees would be made as soon as possible after the paperwork was received.

There would also be an attempt to pay as many people as possible that are reporting their hours of work on time sheets. Assuming that the mail server is still operational, our primary method of communication with Managers, or designates, would be through e-mail. All "timesheets" will be communicated to Payroll via e-mail.

As with regular operations, the primary method of paying individuals would be through direct deposit. Printing manual cheques would be secondary and would only occur after direct deposits were transmitted successfully to the bank.

Within two weeks of the initial disruption, Payroll would begin providing employees with direct deposit stubs.

B. Procedures Assigned to Specific Employees

Responsibilities of the Payroll Services Manager:

1. Communicate with Emergency Manager of the Emergency Operations Groupto assess extent of disruption and make decision to implement BRP. Notify all HR/Payroll Administrators that the Plan has been invoked. The Manager and all HR/Payroll Administrators will report to work at the BRP alternative work location. Depending upon the circumstances of the disaster, the Manager may need to telephone the employees at home to notify them that the Plan has been invoked and that they need to report to an alternate location. To support this need, the Manager should ensure that s/he has the home numbers of all of the HR/Payroll Administrators at his/her home at all times.

2. Inform the switchboard of the extension to be used for Payroll telephone calls.

3. Retrieve the transmission information from the alternate location and meet the Payroll Administrators at the BRP emergency location.

4. In conjunction with the Payroll Administrators, assess the current status of the payrolls and identify the most critical actions. If the disaster occurred on the weekend, on Monday morning the most critical action would be to bank that week=s payroll(s); if it occurred through the week, reprinting a list of the names of employees paid would be the most important action.

5. Mass e-mail all WLU Managers with instructions as to how Payroll operations will continue through the interruption in business operations.

6. Contact Moore North America and immediately order new direct deposit stubs and cheques. A purchase order is needed to place an order of this size.

7. Contact Materiel Management department to request delivery of furnishings to alternate processing facility.

Responsibilities of thePayroll Supervisor:

1. Contact all service providers (such as the Royal Bank of Canada, Canada Revenue Agency, Human Resources Development Canada and Family Responsibility Services) and inform them that we are operating under a BRP and the implications for their organization.

2. Assess status of source deductions and prepare remittance if needed immediately.

Responsibilities of all Payroll Administrators:

1. Turn on all computers and ensure that they are functioning as expected.

2. As appropriate, one Payroll Administrator will transmit the current payroll to the Royal Bank of Canada and confirm that they received the transmission.

3. One Payroll Administrator will immediately be assigned to answering telephone calls. One Payroll Administrator will be designated to receive positive entry time sheets electronically and answer e-mail questions.

4. All Payroll Administrators would remain responsible for preparing their regular payrolls.