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Wilfrid Laurier University Leaf
November 25, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Accounts Payable


1. Personnel

BCP Site Coordinators:Supervisor - Accounting Services

Supervisor - Accounts Payable

The site coordinators will work with the Director of ITS for computing, network and information resources and Assistant Vice-President, Physical Resources for space and furnishings

Minimum number of staff required : 5

  • Supervisor - Accounting Supervisor
  • Supervisor - Accounts Payable
  • Senior Accounts Payable Clerk
  • Accounts Payable Clerks (2)

Maximum Acceptable "Down-time" : 48 hours

2. Computing

i) Hardware

  • 5 Personal Computers at least one of which is equipped with a CD writer and capable of running software listed under section(ii).
  • One laser printer with both regular printer cartridge and one m.i.c.r. ink cartridge
  • One line printer with printer cartridge
  • One photo-copier
  • One fax machine

ii) Software

  • Central Administrative Databases - Novell, SCT Banner and e-mail access
  • PC-based - Windows, Microsoft Office

iii) Communication Lines/Networking Needs

  • Internal connections needed between PCs, printers, and central network
  • Internet Access

3. Information Resources

With internet access, all critical data and forms could be retrieved by both Accounts Payable and the general WLU community.

4. Space, Furnishings, and Other "Infrastructure" Needs

Physical space requirements :

  • work space - 300 square feet
  • storage space - 30 square feet

Furnishings (work stations and chairs) for 5 people

5 telephones with long-distance capabilities, and required cabling and communication lines for same

5. Other Forms and Supplies

Blank cheques from Moore Wallace North America (Don Vezina) (519)725-8600. A small supply should be stored in a secure off-site location.

General supplies, such as 8 2 x 11 paper, pens, pencils, staplers, etc... can be purchased from Basics Office Supply by the Supervisor using the Wilfrid Laurier University Financial Resources Department account number.

6. Service Resources

Mail Services - within two days, a process for moving mail to and from the alternate location needs to be established.

Purchasing Services, Receiving Department - supporting data/documents for cash disbursements processing for general University purchases

Bookstore - supporting data/documents for cash disbursements processing for Bookstore purchases

Business Office - direct feed of information for processing student refunds

7. Emergency Personnel - on call list


Home Phone:

Cell (if available)

Office ( Rm #) and Phone

Note: Care should be taken when distributing unlisted phone numbers

Tasks and Procedures - Pre-disruption

Unit:Accounts Payable

Responsibility:Supervisor - Accounting Services

Supervisor - Accounts Payable

Process Name:Accounts Payable and Receivables

Information Technology Role:Banner access

Any information available (either the WLU master or the Accounts Payable departmental business disruption plan) should be reviewed by the Accounts Payable Supervisor and Accounts Payable Administrators, prior to any disruption. The review of this documentation will inform the Accounts Payable staff how the university, and our department, plan to deal with a business disruption.

Provisions should be made to allow a limited number of purchase orders to be generated quickly in the event of a disruption.

All relevant Accounts Payable data stored on PC hard drives should be updated regularly, with back-ups maintained and stored in a secure location, off site. PCs assigned to staff with applicable asset control bar codes are as follows:

  • G. Ahrens 0000-53605
  • J. Gruber 0000-53608
  • S. Wilkinson 0000-53611
  • N. Doerr 0000-53609
  • A/P Dept Spare 0000-47187

Accounts Payable workstation equipment requirements list, including all printers, print cartridges, and other business machines should be maintained in the general business resumption plan.

A supply of Accounts Payable laser cheque blanks should be stored, off site. This is critical for the resumption of business. A complete re-order of blank cheque stock could be done immediately if necessary; delivery likely possible in one B two weeks.

'Assumption': Alternative location, complete with equipment requirements, and Banner Web Access will be provided immediately following business disruption.

With requirements mentioned in 'Assumption', and retrieval of the blank cheque stock, Accounts Payable could resume processing a limited number of cheque disbursements.

Tasks and Procedures - Post-Disruption

Unit:Accounts Payable

BCP Site Coordinator:Supervisor, Accounts Payable

Process Name:

Information Technology Role: Banner access, alternate processing facility


The Accounts Payable staff will be notified by senior administration that we are now in a "BCP" mode.

All Accounts Payable staff required, should be recalled from vacation, if possible.

Accounts Payable's primary focus will be to process only cheque disbursements that are absolutely necessary to the University's operations during a "BCP". Only emergency disbursements and government agency payments would continue (where financial penalties would be levied against the University for missed payments and/or deadlines in the initial stages of the "BCP").

"Assumption": The Accounts Payable office could post information on the web site about processing supplier invoices and expense claims.

The Accounts Payable staff would sign on to the BANNER system to establish a cheque payment and disbursement status at the time of the business interruption. This would allow the department to establish three possible stages of invoices and claims at the time of the disruption:

  • paid and distributed to suppliers or individuals
  • invoices and claims entered into the BANNER system but not paid as yet
  • invoices and claims not entered into the BANNER system, may have to be re-submitted by companies or individuals [paperwork may be lost in department disaster]

The Manager, Financial Services, and the Accounts Payable staff will document an announcement for posting on the web. All Accounts Payable staff will communicate this information when telephone inquiries occur. This announcement will include information on how companies and individuals can re-submit invoices and expense claims. Also, Accounts Payable staff should contact major suppliers to coordinate obtaining replacement invoices where supply of product and services are in jeopardy due to delinquent accounts.

Final stages of the Business Interruption Plan would see the Accounts Payable staff obtaining WLU statement of account reports from all major suppliers to ensure payments are processed only once per invoice, during and after "BCP". All expense claims not processed before the disruption should be processed as re-submitted.

Also, direct deposits to vendor and employee accounts could be utilized to save time and cheque stock, if the proper documentation, and payment authorizations, are received by Accounts Payable during the "BCP"

NOTE: The BANNER software production has protection against paying the same vendor invoice number twice. During invoice entry, if the same vendor invoice number is entered, the system will notify you that this number has already been processed. All other expense claims must be checked against the general ledger and payment history before re-processing can be completed.