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November 28, 2015

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Procurement Services


1. Personnel

BCP Site Coordinator: Manager, Procurement Services

The site coordinator will work with the Director of ITS for computing, network and information resources and Assistant Vice-President, Physical Resources for space and furnishings

Minimum number of staff required : 3 working days

  • Manager - Procurement Services
  • Purchasing Assistant/BMO System Administrator
  • Buyer

Maximum Acceptable "Down-time": 5 working days

2. Computing

i) Hardware

  • 3 PCs - Pentium III minimum
  • 1 HP Laserjet 4050TN - minimum 3 output trays
  • access to copier; fax machine; scanner

ii) Software

  • Banner Finance module, Novell
  • Windows XP Professional; MS Word; E-Visions for printing and e-mailing purchase orders; Millenium; XTender; BMO administration software

iii) Communication Lines/Networking Needs

  • access to Banner finance; all three PCs require connection to printer; internet access; e-mail

3. Information Resources

The only critical "standing" data would be data on Banner finance.

Purchase orders can be re-printed from Banner. Documents stored on PCs are not critical and could be reproduced. This data is currently stored in the following files:

Mgr. Procurement Services : C:mydocuments

Purchasing Assist:C:mydocumentsPari

Note : Purchase order requisitions are still produced manually, with signature authorizations, and are filed in the Purchasing office.

Completed tender documents and evaluation information are also stored in the Purchasing office and the storage areas.

A duplicate file of RFP/Tender documents should also be kept by the requesting department; this requirement will be emphasized to all departments issuing major contracts supported by a RFP/tendering process.

Cooperative purchasing documentation is available from other participating agencies.

4. Space, Furnishings, and Other "Infrastructure" Needs

Physical space requirements :

  • work space - 500 square feet
  • storage space - 50 square feet

3 workstations, 3 chairs, 1 five-drawer filing cabinet, 2 bookcases


5. Other Forms and Supplies

Letterhead only. All other forms can be reproduced with software (MS Word)

All office supplies can be obtained from Basics same day against the office supply contract by supplying the department account. Our purchase card could be used for most other low value purchases of goods and services.

6. Emergency Personnel - on call list

Name: Tracey Ens

Office ( Rm #) and Phone: 255 King Street,Room K403; 519-884-0710 x6455

Note: Care should be taken when distributing unlisted phone numbers

Tasks and Procedures - Pre-disruption

Unit:Procurement Services

Responsibility: Manager, Procurement Services

Process Name:Purchasing and Contract Management

Information Technology role:Banner ( E-Visions)

Systems and contracts are in place with major service providers and suppliers including, but not limited to, the following:

BMO- MasterCard (corporate purchase card) allows approved purchases up to $5,000 per transaction. Each buyer in the Purchasing Department has a MasterCard with a significant $ allowance for purchases. MasterCard purchases can be made by the buyer on behalf of requestors who do not have their own card.

Blanket Purchase Orders: Where the BMO MasterCard is not accepted, a Blanket Purchase Order is issued to cover multiple low value orders from a single supplier. Many blanket orders are already in place against whcih realeases can be made.

Generally organizations, that routinely do business with WLU, will provide goods and services to WLU without a Purchase Order. Purchase orders can then be issued as a follow-up when business resumes.

Major Contracts

Office Supplies- Contract with Basics Office (Davenport Office Inc.) Products:on-line or telephone orders, same day delivery

Vehicle Rentals- Contract with Enterprise. Staff and faculty can make their own arrangements using their Mastercard P-Card.

Bus Services- Contract with Ayr Coach Lines and Student Transportation of Canada Inc

Plumbing Supplies- Contract with Marks & Company - Physical Resources can order on account or use MasterCard

Electrical Supplies- Gerrie Electric- Physical Resources can order on account or use MasterCard

Hardware Supplies- Weber Supply- Physical Resources can order on account or by MasterCard

Automotive & Miscellaneous Supplies- Canadian Tire, Waterloo- University staff an faculty can order on account or use MasterCard

Pool Supplies- Contract with Acapulco Pools- on account

Garbage Removal Services (includes compaction)- Contract with WSI Capital Environmental Resources, on account

Animal Care Supplies - Coop contract with Harlan Teklad - Orders by Mastercard P-Card

Janitorial Supplies- Contract with Superior Sanitation, on account

Disater Recovery Services (Real Property) - Contract with Paul Davis Systems

Elevator Maintenance - Contract with Delta Elevator

Garbage Bags- Contract with TD French - Morgan Scott- part of UW Coop Contract, on account

Snow Removal Services- Contract

Fine Paper- Coop contract with Spicer's for Printing Service/Bookstore

Envelopes- Contract with SupremeX Inc. for Printing Services, on account

Computers- Dell or Supercom and WLU Bookstore- orders by PO electronically, however in emergency, Bookstore may order on our behalf.

Software- Contracts in place for ITS on major systems; U of W coop arrangements for PC software licences through WLU Bookstore

Gases- Contract with Praxair- Blanket orders in place for each requestor (for control purposes)

Office Furniture- Bakers @ Work or Basics Office Furniture are sources for supply and on-site delivery of furniture for temporary/emergency use (rent or lease)

The above information will be made available on the Materiel Management Website.

Tasks and Procedures - Post-disruption

Unit:Procurement Services

BCP Site Coordinator:Manager, Procurement Services

Process Name:Purchasing and Contract Management

Information Technology role: Access to Banner, E - Visions, XTender, Milleniunm at alternate processing facility

A. General

  • The Manager, Procurement Services must first ensure that Security is aware that the BCP has been invoked. Security will notify other areas of the University.
  • The maximum acceptable downtime in Purchasing could reasonably be one week or more. However, should the disruption potentially be over an extended period of time, a designated alternative location would have to be set up according to the Business Resumption Plan.

B. Assigned to Specific Employees

Responsibilities of the Manager, Procurement Services:

  • Communicate with Crisis Response Co-ordinator to assess extent of disruption and make decision to implement BCP
  • Inform Security that BCP has been invoked
  • Inform Purchasing staff and instruction them to report to the alternative work location
  • Arrange for required furnishings and equipment to be delivered to the alternative location a.s.a.p.
  • Contact IS to ensure connectivity to Banner Finance to enable data entry and printing of Purchase Orders, to ensure e-mail access, and to ensure Internet connectivity specifically for BMO MasterCard Purchase Card program administration.
  • Contact Services if necessary to obtain telephone services. Inform Switchboard of extensions to be used for telephone calls
  • Mass e-mail all WLU Managers with information on how Purchasing will operate during the interruption

Responsibilities of Purchasing Staff :

  • Report for work when and where instructed to help set up alternative location
  • Ensure all equipment is functioning according to needs
  • Ensure BMO MasterCard administration program is operating properly
  • Promptly respond to telephone calls and e-mail messages
  • Use individual MasterCard Purchase Cards to make purchases for faculty and staff when necessary