Site Accessibility Statement
Wilfrid Laurier University Leaf
November 26, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Business Office


1. Personnel

BCP Site Coordinator : Manager - Business Office

The site coordinator will work with the Director of ITS for computing, network and information resources and Assistant Vice-President, Physical Resources for space and furnishings

Minimum number of staff required : 4

  • Manager - Business Office
  • Account Administrator
  • Finance Account Administrator
  • Systems Account Administrator

Maximum Acceptable ADown-time@ : 5 days


2. Computing

i) Hardware

  • 4 workstations capable of running software listed in section (ii)
  • Four laser printers with regular printer cartridges
  • One line printer with printer cartridge
  • VISA/Debit terminals - two of each

ii) Software

  • Central Administrative Databases - SCT Banner, Novell and email access (email receivables link needed for downloading bank payment data)
  • PC-based - Windows, Microsoft Office

iii) Networking / Communications

  • Connections between PCs, printers, and central network
  • Internet access


3. Information

Access to the Banner database (Accounts Receivable module).

4. Space, Furnishings, and Other AInfrastructure@ Needs

Physical space requirements :

  • work space - 700 square feet
  • A vault and secure area is also needed for storing cash and cheques awaiting deposit

Furnishings (work stations and chairs) for 4 people

4 telephones with long-distance capabilities

5. Other Forms and Supplies

Blank invoices used in the student billing process are the critical hard-copy documents. These documents are stored off campus in a secure area.

Blank invoice statements

WLU window envelopes used in billing

Blank tax forms available from Canada Revenue Agency - accessible in two weeks

6. Emergency Personnel - on call list


Home Phone:

Cell (if available)

Office ( Rm #) and Phone

Note: Care should be taken when distributing unlisted phone numbers

Tasks and Procedures - Pre-disruption

Unit: Business Office - Finance

Responsibility: Manager, Business Office

Process name:Fee Collection and deposit

Information Technology role:Access to Banner ( Accounts Receivable Module)

No critical data on staff=s desktop

No backup necessary

Tasks and Procedures - Post-disruption

Unit: Business Office - Finance

BCP Site Coordinator: Manager, Business Office

Process name: Fee Collection and deposit

Information Technology role: Access to Banner ( Accounts Receivable Module)


Communication to students and university community via WLU web-site and global email as to Business Office operations.

Establish office area to service students and accept payments as advised in communication to students and the University community..

Accept and post payments to student accounts.

Prepare and deposit to the Bank.

Invoice students if the disruption is more than five days.

Prepare tax receipts if disruption occurs during tax preparation time.

Advise plans for re-establishing operations as we resume Anormal@ activities in the Business Office.