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Wilfrid Laurier University School of Business & Economics
October 22, 2014
Canadian Excellence




"To expand the boundaries of management accounting research and practice to enhance the competitiveness of Canadian small businesses."


Three pronged strategy to fulfill our nine Objectives:

  1.   Support and encourage research in management accounting

  2.   Provide CMAs with opportunities to enhance their skills and abilities to serve SMEs

  3.   Build stronger relationships between the partners, local SMEs and potential entrepreneurs (students)

Four Major Initiatives:

  1. Creation of Management Accounting Research Network

  2. SME Outreach

  3. CMA Outreach

  4. Promotion Plan

Nine Objectives:

  1. Expand the boundaries of management accounting with specific focus on application of management   accounting of SMEs

  2. Offer CMAs access to leading edge pre and post accreditation programs designed to enhance their ability to serve SMEs

  3. Build leading edge research capability in the area of SMEs

  4. Build stronger relationships between CMA Canada, WLU, and K-W business community

  5. Provide opportunities for WLU students to work with entrepreneurial community (e.g. mentoring programs, entrepreneur-in-residence)

  6. Provide and incubator of student business ideas and development of viable business plans

  7. Provide support of academic programs and courses through support of business plan competitions, student conferences, and speaker series

  8. Hold at least once conference or workshop event each year targeted at SMEs to attract business people, students, and CMAs from the K-W region.  At least one, plenary must address management accounting and SMEs.

  9. Establish a ways and means of enabling CMAs working for SMEs to network with each other through the Centre of Excellence on issues related to management accounting practice.