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Wilfrid Laurier University School of Business & Economics
April 17, 2014
Canadian Excellence

CPA Course Requirements

The CPA program is designed to enable potential CPA students to obtain comprehensive coverage of the CPA Candidates' Competency Map. This 51 credit-hour requirement consists of 17 three credit-hour courses.

NOTE: Please refer to the current Academic Calendar, found on the Registrar's Office website, for course descriptions and prerequisites.

Financial Accounting (15 credit hours required)


BU227 (3 credit hours)

BU387 (3 credit hours)
BU397 (3 credit hours)
BU457 (3 credit hours)
BU487 (3 credit hours)

Cost and Management Accounting (6 credit hours required)

BU247 (3 credit hours)
BU467 (3 credit hours)

Advanced Accounting Elective (3 credit hours required)

BU417 (3 credit hours)

Auditing (9 credit hours required)

BU456 (3 credit hours) - BBA | BBA/FinMath (WLU) | BBA/Computing (WLU) | Honours Economics & Accounting EXCLUDED
BU477 (3 credit hours)
BU447 (3 credit hours)

Taxation (6 credit hours required)

BU357 (3 credit hours)
BU466 (3 credit hours)

Business Information Systems (3 credit hours required)

BU486 (3 credit hours) - BBA | BBA/FinMath (WLU) | BBA/Computing (WLU) | Honours Economics & Accounting ONLY
CS330 (3 credit hours) - BBA/BMath (UW) | BBA/BCS (UW) ONLY
BU415 (3 credit hours) - All Other Programs

Case Preparation (3 credit hours required)


Finance/Financial Management (3 credit hours required)


Economics (3 credit hours required)


Law (3 credit hours required)