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September 21, 2014
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Major Research Paper Option

Students who choose the major research paper option are required to take PO601, PO602, four half-credit courses, and PO695 (Major Research Paper).

The major research paper (PO695) is similar to a thesis, but may be based principally on secondary sources. It usually will involve less fieldwork than a thesis, and perhaps none at all. Typically, a major research paper will range between 60-80 typewritten pages in length. Copies of recently completed major research papers are available in the department library for consultation, should students wish to get some idea of the breadth of coverage these projects normally entail.

The deadlines and procedures for the completion of the major research paper proposal are identical to those outlined for students enrolled in PO699. There are two differences, however: First, the major research paper advisory committee consists of a faculty supervisor and two other consulting faculty members. Second, before an MRP oral defence can be scheduled, the student must submit three copies of the paper to the department. When the defence is scheduled, the advisory committee will take the responsibility of an oral examination committee. One of the consulting faculty members (readers) will also act as a chairperson of the committee. The rules for the conduct of the oral defence are the same as those for a thesis defence.

For more information, consult the Handbook for Graduate Students.

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