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October 21, 2014
Canadian Excellence

A word cloud of the Spring 2013 courses!

Fall 2013 Courses

The fall courses begin the week of October 21. To obtain a copy of the detailed fall brochure and registration form, please click here. You will need Adobe Reader to view the document; please click here to obtain a free copy of Adobe Reader. 

  • Ernie Cosgrove, Laurier - Financial Planning for the Retired or Nearly Retired: Part I
  • Susan Johnson, Laurier - To Market, To Market! Can Free Markets Be Fair Markets?
  • Bonnie Glencross, Laurier - Bone Detectives: How Bio-archaeologists Uncover Mysteries of the Dead
  • Jan Overduin, Laurier (retired) - J.S. Bach's The Art of the Fugue (Die Kunst der Fuge)
  • Adriana Casali - Brazil: An Introduction to Its History, Culture and Society
  • Jerry Salloum, Laurier - So, What's Going on with the Weather?
  • Mike Fich, uWaterloo - Extrasolar Planets and the Expanding Universe: Recent Changes in Our View of the Cosmos
  • Elmer Thiessen - The Ethics of Persuasion: From Evangelism to Advertising
  • Andrew Thomson, Laurier - Entrepreneurs in Canadian History
  • Peter Russell, uWaterloo (retired) - Planet Earth: Reading the Rocks Beneath Our Feet
  • James Skidmore, uWaterloo - Germans Who Changed the World THIS COURSE IS NOW FULL
  • Ilse Friesen, Laurier - Highlights of Renaissance Art THIS COURSE IS NOW FULL