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February 5, 2016

Canadian Excellence

Spring 2011 Courses

The spring line-up started the week of March 28. To view the accompanying spring brochure, please click here. You will need AdobeReader to view the document. Please click here to obtain a free copy of Adobe Reader.

  • Sybil Geldart, WLU: "Redefining Successful Aging: Positive Attitudes, Healthy Behaviours" - COURSE CANCELLED
  • Gary Warrick, WLU: "An Environmental History of Brant County"
  • Leslie O'Dell, WLU: "Shakespeare from an Actor's Point of View"
  • Peter Donahue, WLU: "China"
  • Oscar Cole-Arnal, WLU: "From Jesus to Jerry Falwell: The Broad Sweep of Christian History" - COURSE FULL
  • David Peirson, WLU: "The Secret Life of Plants" - COURSE CANCELLED
  • Gordon Greene, WLU: "Soloist and Orchestra - Music for the Concerto" - COURSE FULL
  • Deena Mandell, WLU: "Family in Film"
  • Gary Draper, UW: "Imaginary Worlds: Forms of Fantasy from Ancient Myth to the Modern Novel" - COURSE FULL
  • Sandy Irvine, WLU: "Refugees and International Migration: Canadian and International Responses"
  • Jeff Lederer, UW: "Architecture and the Urban Environment"
  • Jan Narveson, UW: "Schubert to Bruckner"
  • James Skidmore, UW: "Events in German Cultural History" - COURSE FULL
  • Peter Tiidus, WLU: "Metabolism, Exercise, Diet and Weight Control: Facts and Myths"