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Wilfrid Laurier University Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management
September 2, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Committee Membership

Worker Representatives:

Brenda Murphy - WLUFA
Bryce Gunson - Resilient Communities Research Collaborative
Christina Michener - Learning Services
Janice Vilaca -
Office of the Senior Executive
Jason Lane - ITS
Karley Doucette - LEAF
Kristin Hogg, Co-Chair (DWM Back Up) - Athletics & Recreation
Linda Cook (DWM) - Physical Resources
Lori Prince - Registrarial Services
Melissa DiLeo
- Laurier International
Tim Gawley - WLUFA

Management Representatives:

Chris Hewitt - ITS
Julie Topic, Acting Co-Chair - ICT Support
Melissa Huszczo - Registrarial Services
Ron McKenzie - Physical Resources

Auxilliary Worker Members (Non-Voting):

Adam Bloomfield - Student Affairs
Angel Evans - Accessible Learning
Beth dela Rosa - Alumni & Development
Catherine O'Brien - Recruitment & Admissions
Celine Taillefer-Travers - Office of the Deans
Dwayne Bereziuk - ITS
Jenna Hampshire - Residential Services
Jocelyn Jacob - Stedman Community Bookstore
Laurie Fosty - Student Affairs
Lisa Neziol - Registrarial Services
Mark Leslie - Financial Operations
Megan Chipman - Office of the Deans
Sarah Rich - Co-operative Education
Shanna Howse - LEAF
Tammie Maertens - Special Constable Service
Trish Tatarka - Special Constable Service
Valerie Clement - Office of the Deans
Galina Karaivanova - LEAF (On Leave)

Non-Voting Advisors:

Stephanie Kibbee - SHERM
Jessica Berrigan (On Leave) - SHERM


Amy Kendall - Conestoga College
Darius Sookram - Nipissing University
James Yuhasz - Special Constable Service

Recording Secretary:

Rebecca Barnes - Campus Administration