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March 6, 2015
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Recent News / Media Coverage

1. insideLaurier (June 2014). Grad students spend three months at remote research site: Research in the Northwest Territories looks at how climate change is affecting the Far North.

2. Opening of the new Centre for Cold Regions and Water Science.

3. Transcript of Minister Miltenberger’s speech to the Legislature on the Laurier-GNWTPartnership.

4. Research@Laurier (October 11, 2013). Researcher feature on: opening of new centre for leading-edge research into cold regions and water science.

5. Research@Laurier (October 13, 2013). Researcher feature on Canadian Water Network Grant: Laurier researchers receive funding for Water Knowledge Application Network (WatKAN), Quinton, Baltzer, English et al.

6. Research@Laurier (September 9, 2013). Researcher feature on Quinton: “Research shows permafrost and ecosystems in the subarctic changing quickly”.

7. Research@Laurier (Winter, 2012). Laurier awash in major water research. Researcher feature on northern water research at Laurier.

8. Research@Laurier (Summer, 2008). Researcher feature on the Laurier Institute for Water Science: “It’s all about water”.

9. Radio Canada International. Feature on Quinton/Baltzer/Sonnentag research at Scotty Creek, NWT. “Research shows permafrost and ecosystems in the subarctic changing quickly” by Marc Montgomery.

10. News Article, Dehcho Drum. Deh Cho muskeg at centre of climate change study, Thursday, September 5, 2013 p. 3.

11. News Article, Dehcho Drum. Country food reassurances offered at Kakisa workshop. Thursday, September 5, 2013 p.4.

12. News Article, Dehcho Drum. Muskeg offers climate clues. Thursday, September 5, 2013 p.7

13. Featured article by journal. Williams, T. W. Quinton and J. Baltzer, 2013. Linear disturbances on discontinuous permafrost: implications for thaw-induced changes to land-cover and drainage patterns.

14. Quinton radio interview. Host: Leonard Linklater, CBC Whitehorse – radio interview, 23 Oct., 2013. oceanusshareNews and interviewsCBC Radiowolf creek basin WLU project oct-21-2013.mp3