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October 1, 2014
Canadian Excellence


Outgoing Laurier Students

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Students who return from studying abroad find that they have grown...

  • Heightened sense of global community 
  • Future career advantages - add new international skills and competencies to your resume upon your return to Canada! 
  • Improved language and cross-cultural communication skills 
  • New perspectives on the host country and Canada 
  • Enriched academic studies add an international component to your degree! 
  • Increased sense of self and independence, sense of humor and open-mindedness 

The study abroad programs allow students to broaden their perspective and develop lasting intercultural skills needed for the 21st century. It enables students to improve their usage of languages and understand different cultures through their experience of the social, economical and political climate of various countries. Most interestingly, students became more aware of their own cultural values, practices and biases. Finally, the study abroad program is a great step in creating future academic and career opportunities in the international arena. Students will be able to build lasting friendships and professional relationships with the various people, professors, and employers from all over the world.

Earn Laurier credits, pay Laurier tuition all while studying at one of over 60 university partners all over the world!

PLEASE NOTE: The application deadline for the 2014/2015 exchange is January 20th 2014 by 4pm. Drop off complete applications at the Laurier International Office. Please follow submission process carefully.

The Student Exchange Program within Laurier International offers students, from all faculties, the opportunity to enrich their own understanding of the world outside Canada. We have built and sustained strong relationships with over 60 international academic partners in 20 countries all over the world and have helped many students in obtaining international work and volunteer experiences that best fits their needs and interests. We encourage students to utilize our workshops and resources at Laurier International office to best prepare themselves for their time abroad and the transition to and from the country of their choice. Before applying for exchange, you must attend one of the Exchange Info Sessions designed to help you make choices that will complement your studies. These sessions occur regularly in the Fall term.

Eligibility Requirements to Apply for the Exchange Program:

  • Undergrads can go in 3rd or 4th year; Communication students can only go in 3rd year; Business students can only go in 4th year (or 5th if double-degree) 
  • Part-time students can participate, but must study full-time on exchange (you will be charged full time tuition based on 2.5 WLU credits per semester)
  • Graduate students may participate, but limited to schools with graduate agreements; need approval from Grad Studies & Departmental Advisor(s) 
  • Students must have a minumum 7.0 GPA 
  • If you do not have the required GPA you have the option of requesting a GPA Waiver interview 

Exchange Program Application Process