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January 31, 2015
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Global Engagement Learning Community

The Global Engagement Residence Learning Community
Saint Augustine once said “The world is a book and those who don't travel read only one page”. The Laurier International Community brings the book of the world to your doorstep. We believe that developing intercultural competence is not only essential to your personal growth and professional development, but also critical to your quality of life. The Laurier International Community offers the chance to develop intercultural competence for upper-year students by living and learning with both International and Canadian students. Housed in four 4 bedroom apartments located on the tenth floor of Bricker Residence, the Laurier International Community provides a unique living environment by offering residents both a comfortable furnished living, and a rich learning space.

Students from diverse perspectives will have the opportunity to explore ideas and issues together in an informal and formal manner. For example, residents will have an opportunity to discuss current events over a weekly shared supper, and develop their intercultural competencies by participating in the Intercultural Effectiveness Certificate Programme. Students are encouraged to develop their skills by taking on leadership roles in organizing learning experiences and campus-wide outreach programmes. Training in areas such as intercultural communication is provided to ensure students have access to skills, tools and resources to maximize their global experience. Foundational activities will be mandatory but most ongoing activities will be optional.

Space is limited. Applications will be considered on a first come, first serve basis.

The Laurier International Community Accommodations
Located on the tenth floor of Bricker Residence, the Global Engagement Residence Learning Community is comprised of four apartments. Each apartment unit has 2 full washrooms, as well as a common kitchen, living room/dining room, and four single occupancy bedrooms. The kitchen is furnished with a fridge and stove. The four residents in each apartment will be a mix of domestic, exchange and international students.

Each room in Bricker Residence costs approximately $7300 for 8 months. However, the Department of Residence is offering each student living in the Laurier International Residence Learning Community (RLC) a $1600 scholarship, reducing the cost of each room to $5700 for 8 months. Rental fee includes heat, water, hydro, wireless internet, cable, and 24/7 staffing The Department of Residence supports the intercultural exchange opportunities this community provides students in Bricker and on campus.

The Global Engagement RLC Learning Outcomes
• Acquire intercultural communication skills
• Gain knowledge of one's own background and motivations
• Develop an understanding of the global impact of our local individual actions and ideas
• Cultivate intercultural leadership skills
• Demonstrate an attitude of respect for one's own and different cultures.

The Global Engagement RLC Sample Learning Opportunities
• Community Building Experiences (community meals, discussions, team building activities)
• Volunteer Opportunities/Community Outreach (Working Centre, WUSC, International Student Support)
• Training and Development (Intercultural Effectiveness Certificate Training, Global Engagement Week, Global Citizen Certificate, workshops, Guest Lectures and Community Service Learning options).

If you are interested in applying to the Laurier International RLC, please contact for further instructions. 

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