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January 27, 2015
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Summer Abroad Opportunities

Study abroad this summer with Laurier International!

Laurier International is offering you the opportunity to go on a short international exchange over the summer term!

Follow these steps to apply:

STEP ONE: Complete this online information session *link will be active soon, please check back.

STEP TWO: Submit a Departmental Approval Form, Summer Abroad Application Form, Letter of Motivation, GPA Waiver Form (if required) and $25 non-refundable application fee to Laurier International by deadline (see TABLE 1 - Deadlines below).

STEP THREE: If your application is in order and you are accepted, the Global Engagement Coordinator will contact you with an offer letter.

STEP FOUR: To confirm your offer you must submit the Agreement to Participate on Summer Abroad Waiver Form which will be sent to you with your offer letter. The Global Engagement Coordinator will then nominate you to the host university.

STEP FIVE: Submit your application documents directly to the host university by their deadline (see TABLE 1 - Deadlines below).

STEP SIX: Complete the Course Credit Transfer Agreement (CCTA) Form.

Table 1 - Deadlines

Host University

Deadline to submit application to Laurier International

Deadline to submit application to the Host University

Aarhus University, Denmark

Monday, February 15th

Sunday, March 15th

Chongqing Technology & Business University, China

Monday, Feburary 2nd

Sunday, March 1st

ESC Rennes School of Business, France

Monday, March 2nd

Wednesday, April 15th

ITAM, Mexico

Wednesday, April 1st

Friday, May 1st

Sciences Po Lille, France

Wednesday, April 1st

Friday, May 15th


Short Term Summer Abroad Terms & Conditions


• In most cases students will pay Laurier tuition & incidental fees for the total number of credits they will be earning abroad.

• Financial awards and/or supplements may be offered on a case by case basis from host institution.

• OSAP recipients will retain their eligibility for OSAP if they are paying Laurier tuition.

Courses and Credit Transfer

• The credits you will earn abroad will depend on your program of study and agreement with your Academic Advisor. Please meet with your Academic Advisor to determine your academic suitability for study abroad and the types of credits you can earn abroad.

• Once accepted into the program and after you have registered for courses abroad, you will complete the Course Credit Transfer Agreement (CCTA) Form which will confirm the credit equivalents you will earn abroad - you will be sent this form with your offer letter.

• The CCTA Form will determine the amount of Tuition and Incidental Fees you will be charged for. If you later decide to take fewer credits once you are abroad, you will NOT receive a refund from Laurier.

• The language of instruction will be English unless specified otherwise.

• If the language of instruction is not English you are required to complete a language assessment. Please email if you require this form.


• If you are earning credits then you must meet with your department to get approval to study abroad and complete the Departmental Approval Form. The eligibility requirements depend on your program of study.

• You can participate in both a short term summer abroad and full term exchange ONLY with specific permission from your department.

• If you are graduating in October you can study abroad in the summer, however, there is no guarantee that the credit transfer process will be completed before the deadline to apply to graduate.


• The Department Approval Form, Summer Abroad Application Form, Letter of Motivation, GPA Waiver Form (if required) and $25 application fee must be submitted together to Laurier International (Waterloo) or Global Engagement (Brantford)

• You should submit your application by the deadline specified in Table 1-Deadlines above, however, if you are late, please email to see if we are still accepting applications.

AU Summer University

Name of Program

AU Summer University


Aarhus University, Denmark


Culture & Society; Media; Languages & Linguistics; Business & Economics; Business Communication; Law; Health; Science & Technology

Credit Transfer Information

70+ courses offered in English. List of courses can be found online or attached at the bottom of this page.

27-30 ECTS = 2.5 WLU credits . Courses range from 5-15 ECTS each.

Students can study at the BA or MA level. MA level is open to students who have completed 3 years of full time study prior to participating in the program.


Courses range in duration between July 1 – August 14th 2015


WLU Tuition & Incidental Fees for number of credits student will be taking. Tuition fee at Aarhus is waived for students participating through our exchange agreement.


Business & Culture in Mexico

Name of Program

Business & Culture in Mexico



Mexico City


Study Spanish & International Business in Mexico

Credit Transfer Information

12 ITAM credits = 1.0 WLU credits

Students must enroll in 12 ITAM credits from the following selection of subjects:

Development of Managerial Skills; International Finance; International Business; International Marketing; Business & Emerging Markets; Spanish Language & Culture Courses


June 15th – July 30th 2015


WLU tuition for 1.0 credits & incidental fees; flight; accommodation; meals; ITAM program fee ($250 US);

$25 application fee

CTBU Study & Culture Tour

Name of Program

2015 CTBU (Chongqing Technology & Business University) Study & Culture Tour


Chongqing, China


Participants will learn Chinese language, visit local historic sites and local businesses, and attend cultural lectures. See brochure below for more information.

Credit Transfer Information

No WLU credits will be provided, but participation can be added to your co-curricular record if you request.


May 11-30th 2015


Items free of charge: Chongqing local transportation (including local tour, city tour, pick up and seeing-off at Chongqing airport), program activities, and cost for tour guide, translation, and etc.

Cost on your own:

Accommodation: RMB 800 ($150 approx.)

You will stay in an international residence on campus.

Meals (food in Chongqing is very cheap)

Airfare, Visiting Visa, Travel Insurance

ESC Rennes Summer Program

Name of Program

ESC Rennes Summer Program


Rennes, France at ESC Rennes School of Business (exchange partner)


Responsible Management - See brochure below.

Credit Transfer Information

6 ECTS = 0.5 WLU credit. Must get approval from your academic advisor. – 30 hours of classroom teaching Guest speakers & company visits.


June 16th – June 26th

Arrive on Monday June 15th at the latest.


Laurier tuition and fees for 0.5 WLU credit.

Accommodation (approx. 350 euros for 2 weeks), transportation, daily expenses, food (see budget document)

ESC Rennes tuition fee is waived. See more budget information below.

Sciences Po Lille Summer School

Name of Program

Sciences Po Lille Summer School 2015

“The EUs challenges in a context of crisis”


Lille, France


“The EUs challenges in a context of crisis” – Law, Economics, Politics.

Option French Language & Culture class (no credit granted) - See brochure below.

Credit Transfer Information

6 ECTS = 0.5 WLU credit


July 6th – July 17th 2015


WLU: tuition & fees for 0.5 credit

Science Po Lille: 400 Euros (covers accommodation & application fee non-refundable)

Other costs include: flight, insurance, meals, passport


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