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Wilfrid Laurier University Leaf
February 10, 2016

Canadian Excellence


As an exchange student, you cannot add or drop courses yourself online on LORIS.

In order to add/drop courses, you must:

1. Determine the courses you would like to take using the Dynamic Schedule on LORIS

2. Fill out the add/drop course form

3. Meet with the Instructor of the course or the Academic Advisor of the department to get their signature approving the change

Note: You do not need to get approval and a signature if you are dropping a course, only if you are adding one.

4. Submit the form to the Student Abroad Advisor (Waterloo Campus students only) at Laurier International OR Submit the form at the Registrar's Office at 202 Regina St. N

5. Repeat steps as needed.

Every change- whether adding or dropping- needs to be indicated on this form.

Be aware of the last day to add/drop courses. Check the Academic Calendar for "Academic and Related Dates" to find out what the last day is to add/drop.