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Wilfrid Laurier University Leaf
April 18, 2014
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As an exchange student, you cannot add or drop courses yourself online on LORIS. 

In order to add/drop courses, you must:

   1. Determine the courses you would like to take using the Dynamic Schedule on LORIS 

   2. Fill out the add/drop course form 

   3. Meet with the Instructor of the course or the Academic Advisor of the department to get their signature approving the change

Note: You do not need to get approval and a signature if you are dropping a course, only if you are adding one. 

   4. Submit the form at the Registrar's Office at 202 Regina St. N

   5. Repeat steps as needed.

Every change- whether adding or dropping- needs to be indicated on this form.

Be aware of the last day to add/drop courses. Check the Academic Calendar for "Academic and Related Dates" to find out what the last day is to add/drop.