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October 2, 2014
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Health Insurance for International Students

If you are an International Students in either an undergraduate and graduate programs at Wilfrid Laurier University  you are covered by two health insurance plans    

University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP)

 The first plan is the University Health Insurance Plan, known as UHIP that covers your medical needs equal to the coverage offered by the provincial health plan available to Ontario residents. This plans covers cost and services associated with hospital and doctor visits. You can learn more about the UHIP coverage by visiting the following websites. On these sites you will learn about services that are covered, how to find a doctor, how to submit claims and how to print out your UHIP card that you will need when you visit a doctor or go to the hospital.

General Information on UHIP:

How to obtain your UHIP Card:

Supplemental Health and Dental Insurance Plan

Supplemental Health and  Dental Insurance covers prescriptions, a portion of dental and medical expenses when prescribed by a doctor and provides travel insurance when outside of Ontario and Canada. If you are an undergraduate student, the supplemental health plan is provided by WLUSU (Student Union) and if a graduate student, it is provided by the GSA (Graduate Student Association).  You can learn more about your supplemental health and dental insurance plans by visiting the following website

For Undergraduate Students:

For Graduate Students