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July 26, 2016

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Course Credit Transfer Information


After students have been accepted to participate in the exchange program they will have to fill out a form called a Course Credit Transfer Agreement (CCTA). At this point, they will make their final course selection for their host institution. Sometimes it is not possible for the student to confirm their course selection until they arrive at their host university. However, we still encourage them to meet with their academic advisors to ensure that they chose the correct courses and there's no surprises regarding the course credit process. On the CCTA form there is a section for you to write your determination of what they will be granted upon return to Laurier. You can find an example of a completed form here.

Courses can be transferred in one of three ways:

a) Miscellaneous elective - for courses with no Laurier equivalent, for which no department-specific credit is required.

b) Department specific elective (i.e. business elective, communications elective, etc) - please specify whether those electives are Senior or Junior electives

c) An exact course equivalent to a WLU course (i.e BU 481 or HI306)

You also need to state the level (junior or senior) or the credit if it is department specificor miscellaneous elective.Students must get approval from the Academic Advisor of the relevant department for department specific and exact equivalent courses, noting the equivalent WLU credit. For example, for a French course the student must go to the Languages academic advisor.

Students need to take a full course load while abroad (2.5 WLU credits). If they decide to take less, they will still be charged full tuition by Laurier. If they decide to take more, they will need to pay for the extra credit.

It is the students responsibility to meet with their academic advisor with the appropriate information for them to make a decision about course equivalents. We recommend students bring course syllabus, description, and if they are meeting when they return they should bring any course work, assignments, tests, that they have completed.

To help students understand the different credit systems in different countries, we compiled the document "Course Credit Transfer Procedure".

Once they have completed their exchange an official transcript will be sent to the Student Abroad Advisor (SAA). The SAA will check to make sure the CCTA form is completed correctly and to see if the student has passed their courses. Students are graded with a Pass or Fail on their academic record.

Thank you for the time and energy you spend with students helping them with this process! International learning opportunities are an enriching aspect of students' education, and we greatly appreciate the support faculty gives to these endeavours.