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April 23, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Application Process

Laurier students should seriously explore student exchange opportunities in the fall term prior to the academic year they wish to study abroad. The application deadline for students wanting to go on exchange in Fall/Winter 2014/15 is January 20, 2014 by 4pm.

Before applying, you must attend an Information Session on the study exchange program that will address your questions and concerns regarding the program and the application process.  Once you attend an Information Session the student will gain access to DepartSmart from My Learning Space which has all necessary forms and instructions.

Application Procedure

  1. Select up to three different host institutions for exchanges from the list of Laurier Internationalís university partners.
  2. Complete the PDF Application Form for outgoing student exchange posted on DepartSmart
  3. Download and complete the Departmental Approval form from DepartSmart (one form for every university you apply to - maximum 3). Obtain a signature of approval from your academic advisor or faculty chairperson for your major(s).
  4. Download both the Academic and Personal Reference forms from DepartSmart. Your Academic reference: university professor Personal reference: employer, coach, academic member, doctor etc. Please note that your personal reference may not be obtained from family members or friends. References should be sealed in an envelope.
  5. If the language instruction at the host institution is NOT English, download the Assessment of Language Competence form from DepartSmart and obtain an assessment from a faculty member of the languages department or language instructor.
  6. Obtain an official Transcript directly from the Registrarís office. Please allow 3-5 days for processing. Do not open your sealed transcript. Transcripts must include Fall grades.
  7. Attach a $25 cheque made out to Laurier International or cash - this is a non-refundable Application fee; to be followed by a $100 Placement fee if you are accepted to participate in the Exchange Program.
  8. Complete the check list/cover letter
  9. Write a Letter of Motivation for your application
  10. Photocopy of your main passport page
  11. Please use paperclips to combine your application staples please!
  12. Please hand in your complete application documents to Laurier International Office by 4:00 pm on the deadline date. The PDF application must also be submitted by email by the deadline Ė email this application to

*All applicants will be notified by the end of February