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August 1, 2014
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Contact WLU Students Who Have Been Abroad!

This is your opportunity to connect with previous exchange students!

Click on the country of interest to find contacts. If there is no one listed we do not have a contact for you to reach.

Feel free to meet at the Laurier International lounge located at Arts 2A01 on the Waterloo campus and RCE 138 on the Brantford campus.  

Take advantage of their expertise, but remember that Laurier International can not be held responsible for any information that they give you.

Where will your adventure be?



Hailey Malkin Winter 2013 University of Western Sydney, Australia  Major: Kinesiology

Michael Judson  Fall 2013 Australian Catholic University, Australia  Major: Biology

Shinead Monaghan Winter 2014 Australian Catholic University, Australia  Major: Psychology



Shoni Duesling Winter 2011 Krems, Austria  Major: Communications

Jordan Ruf  Winter 2014 Krems, Austria  Major: Business

Holly Thornton  Winter 2014 Krems, Austria  Major: Communications 

Jen Waslowski Winter 2013 Krems, Austria Major: Communications and Cultural Studies


Stephanie Bradford   Winter 2014 Université Catholique de Louvain  Major: Global Studies

Katelyn O'Keefe   Winter 2014 Université Catholique de Louvain  Major: Languages



Lyndel Naidu University of Botswana Major: Religion & Culture and Global Studies



Jared Stryker  Fall 2013 and Winter 2014, Chongqing University  Major: Global Studies

Rebecca Wong Fall 2013  East China Normal University Major: English and Philosophy

Jessica Yang Fall 2013  East China Normal University  Major: Philosophy and Sociology

Alec Wreford Summer 2013 Cultural Exchange, Chongqing Technology and Business University  Major: History
My international experience was a 2 week cultural exchange to Chongqing, China, to our partner university CTBU (Chongqing Technology and Business University). This was my first time travelling alone abroad, and to the world's fastest growing city no less, but the welcome I received at CTBU and in Chongqing in general made me feel right at home and inspired me to ensure I go back for a longer exchange next year. My main area of interest is Chinese history and culture, I am currently taking Mandarin at UW which is a fun yet challenging endeavor. The best thing about an exchange in China is absolutely the food, however the incredibly friendly people are what make me want to come back. In China, you are quite noticeably an outsider, which can be daunting for some. However, with the right attitude you can embrace the cultural immersion and discover perspectives you had never been previously aware of while having the adventure of a lifetime.



Peter Copeland Winter 2014 Aarhus University, Denmark  Major: Business

Kelli Engel  Fall 2013  Aarhus University, Denmark  Major: Psychology

Katie Kluge Fall 2013  Aarhus University, Denmark  Major: Psychology

Cara Murray  Fall 2013   Aarhus University, Denmark   Major: Concurrent B.A./B.Ed (Brantford)

Cristina Rucchetta   Fall 2013  Aarhus School of Business, Denmark  Major: Business 

Carsten Turk Fall 2013 Aarhus University, Denmark  Major: Business 



Sarah Anderson  Winter 2013 Université Jean Monnet, France Major: Global Studies and French

Nicole Anichini  Fall 2013/Winter 2014 Université François Rabelais  Major: French

Justine Barbosa  Fall 2013/Winter 2014  Université François Rabelais  Major: French

Meradith Black Fall 2013 and Winter 2014 Université de Poitiers, France  Major: French

Robert Cekan Fall 2012 Kedge, France  Major: Business

Lindsay Corlett  Winter 2014 ISC Paris, France  Major: Business 

Nada Djuric  Winter 2014 Sciences Po Lille   Major: Political Science

Brooke Henry Winter 2012, University of Lille2  Major: History

Joel Kastner Fall 2013  Kedge Business School  Major: Business Co-Op

Janine Luckhardt Fall 2013 Université Jean Monnet  Major: Languages

Caitlin McNeil  Fall 2012 Université François Rabelais  Major: French 

Josée Murchie Fall 2013 Kedge Business School Major: Business

Kousha Nejatpour Fall 2013 ESC Rennes  Major: Business

Emma Patriquin  Winter 2014 ESC Rennes  Major: Economics 

Sara Pereira Fall 2013/Winter 2014 Université François Rabelais  Major: General BA, French Specialization

Brianne Prince Fall 2013 Neoma Business School  Major: Business 

Katie Purcell  Winter 2014 France Business School  Major:`Business

Kathy Rosenthal  Fall 2013/Winter 2014 Université François Rabelais  Major: French 

Rose Rositano Fall 2013 Neoma Business School  Major: Business

Gabrielle Sarlo Fall 2013 Kedge Business School  Major: Communications

Nalisha Sonneveld Fall 2013 Jean Monnet Major: French

Olivia Stanley  Winter 2014 Sciences Po Lille  Major: Sociology 

Sarah Strong  Fall 2013 ISC Paris  Major:  Business

Magdalena Tartas  Winter 2014 Kedge Business School  Major: BBA/BMath Double Degree 

Alexandra Urso  Winter 2014 France Business School  Major: Business 

Margaret Wiens  Winter 2014 Universite Jean Monnet, France Major: French

Kathleen Wilson Winter 2014 Paris Dauphine, France  Major: Communications 

Nicole Zammit Fall 2013 ISC Paris, France Major: Business

Zoe Hupman Fall 2012 Université François Rabelais  Major: History
I spent the Fall 2012 term in Tours, France studyingla belle langue at the Université François Rabelais. I consider myself to be a world traveler and love to learn about other cultures and meet people from all over the world. I hope to be able to pass along my expertise to both incoming and outgoing exchange students so that they have the best experience possible.



Kaitlin Braithwaite Fall 2012 Philips Marburg, Germany Major: Education (Brantford)

Elizabeth Chamberland Fall 2013 and Winter 2014, Hochschuele Osnabruck, Germany  Major: Music

Rummy Chaudhary Winter 2014, European Business School  Major: Business

Eric Horning   Fall 2013, European Business School  Major: Economics/Finance

Jake McRobie Winter 2014, European Business School  Major: BBA/BMath Double Degree

Kelly Morgan Winter 2014, European University Viadrina  Major: History 

Lindsay Reid Winter 2013  Philips Marburg, Germany Major: English

Breanna Sweers Hochschule Neu Ulm, Germany  Major: Communications

Hong Kong


Cem Arcan Winter 2014 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology  Major: Business

Shawn Lucas  Fall 2013 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Major: Business

Tammy Nguyen Winter 2014 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology  Major: Business


Graeme Hewson  Winter 2014 Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary  Major: Communications 

Alexa Marko Winter 2014 Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary  Major: Environmental Studies

Iris Wong Winter 2013 Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary   Major: Business



Vanessa Christener  Winter 2014 University of Limerick, Ireland  Major: Kinesiology 

Brynn Metherell Fall 2013 University of Limerick, Ireland Major: Business

Olivia Kopp  Fall 2013 University of Limerick, Ireland  Major: Psychology

Alisha Slade Winter 2014 University of Limerick, Ireland  Major: Sociology



Blake Knebel Fall 2013 Università Carlo Cattaneo, Italy  Major: Business

Alissa Liotti  Fall 2013 Università Carlo Cattaneo, Italy  Major: Business

Tom Paddock Fall 2013  Università Carlo Cattaneo, Italy  Major: Business

Kendra Titley Fall 2013  Università Carlo Cattaneo, Italy  Major: Communications



Erin Gormley  Fall 2013 Akita University, Japan  Major: Sociology


Karanjit Dhesi Winter 2013 University of Macau Major: Business

Blake Knebel  Winter 2014 University of Macau Major: Business



Kara Marchildon Fall 2012 Tec de Monterrey, Mexico Major: Languages



Devin Bettencourt  Winter 2014 University of Amsterdam  Major: Environmental Studies and Geography

Ivanna Bilak Fall 2013  University of Amsterdam, Netherlands  Major: Psychology

Mary Crawford  Winter 2014 University of Amsterdam, Netherlands  Major: Global Studies and Archaeology  

Chanelle Farina  Winter 2014 Radboud University, Netherlands  Major: Psychology 

Mahdis Samimi  Fall 2013 University of Amsterdam, Netherlands Major: Communications and Anthropology 

Sean Spiers  Winter 2014 Radboud University, Netherlands  Major: Political Science

Michael Southcott Winter 2014 Radboud University, Netherlands  Major: Global Studies



Mackenzie Lyster Winter 2014 Nova School of Business and Economics  Major: Communications

Ian Marques Winter 2013 Nova School of Business and Economics, Portugal Major: Business

Subita Menezes Gama  Fall 2013  Nova School of Business and Economics, Portugal Major:  Political Science



Corey Clarysse Winter 2011 University of Ljubljana, Slovenia  Major: Sociology

Nicole Vilaca Fall 2013 University of Ljubljana, Slovenia Major: Global Studies 



Dennis Cheung Fall 2013 Universidad de Navarra  Major: Business

Karl Schmidt Winter 2013 Universidade Francisco de Vittoria, Spain Major: Languages

Nathan Shantz Fall 2013 University of Navarra, Spain  Major: Business

Nalisha Sonneveld Fall and Winter 2014 University of Malaga, Spain Major: French

Meggyn Trotter Fall 2013 Universidad de Deusto  Major: Languages

Tania Vera Fall 2013 Universidad de Deusto, Spain Major: Business

South Africa


Alex Balint  Winter 2014 University of Kwazulu Natal  Major: Business

Kelsea Haber  Winter 2013 University of Kwazulu Natal  Major: Psychology

My name is Kelsea Haber,  and I am a forth year Psychology student here at Laurier. Last year, I went on exchange to South Africa, Pietermaritzburg Campus at the University of KwaZulu-Natal! I experienced vastly different culture and thrilling adventures that I would be happy to share with you, and encourage you to experience yourself! Email me to learn more about this, and other exciting exchange opportunities! 

South Korea

Daisy Heung SNU F13 5_1.jpg

Daisy Heung  Fall 2013  Seoul National University, South Korea  Major: Business 



Ashley Barker Winter 2014 Linnaeus University  Major: Anthropology and Psychology

Melanie Birman  Fall 2013  Karlstad University  Major: Sociology and Cultural Studies

Julia Chriss  Winter 2014 Karlstad University  Major: Communications

Alexander Nichols  Winter 2014 Linnaeus University  Major: Economics

Colin Penstone  Winter 2014 Karlstad University  Major: Communications 

Megan Zisis  Winter 2014 Linnaeus University  Major: Biology 

United Kingdom


Spencer Dunn  Fall 2013 Swansea University, Wales  Major: English and History

Matthew Ellies  Winter 2014 Swansea University, Wales  Major: Political Science 

Kiera Wineck  Winter 2014 University of Dundee, Scotland  Major: Psychology

United States

Heidi Madden Winter 2013 Georgia Southern University/NAFTA    Major: North American Studies and History 

Larissa Roechner  Winter 2014 Georgia Southern University  Major: Criminology