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November 28, 2015
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The following section outlines the steps that need to be taken for the risk management approval and pre-departure preparation of an international activity.

Approval process

The Principal Investigator/ Activity Coordinator is responsible for completing the , with sign-off from Laurier International, and submitting it to the Person in Authority for approval.  This form, accompanied by a detailed travel itinerary, must be submitted with adequate time for the Director, Laurier International (or in his/her absence the Manager, Programs and Services) to properly review the form and advise appropriately.  Laurier International will offer suggestions for improvement as needed, and either approve or deny the form as manageable risk.  The Person in Authority notifies the Principal Investigator/ Activity Coordinator of the final outcome of the approval process.

Students doing independent academic-related trips, studying on a Letter of Permission, or participating in university-related placements are advised to fill out Risk Management and Safety Form for Coordinators of International Activities and submit it to their department for approval. 


Once the risk management plan for an activity has been approved, the Department from which the international activity originates should:

  1. Provide appropriate pre-departure training/ information sessions that cover relevant academic information, country/ field trip specific information, objectives, rules/ conduct, disciplinary action, participant responsibilities, financial information, logistics, and cross-cultural communication;
  2. Ensure that the Principal Investigator/ Activity Coordinator has registered the trip as part of the Safe Travel Support Program (STSP) through Laurier International[1];
  3. Encourage all participants to attend a Laurier International pre-departure session[2]
  4. Ensure that each participant has completed and submitted the Acknowledgement of Risk and Responsibility , to be kept on file for five years;
  5. Ensure that all participants complete documents required by the department;
  6. Ensure that groups of five or more participants have at least one person with First Aid Certification (minimum requirement of CPR and Standard First Aid).


Laurier International will:

  1. List upcoming pre-departure sessions on their website;
  2. Register participants on DepartSmart after receiving the on-line registration for the STSP;
  3. Communicate any changes in the country’s DFAIT risk rating to the department in a timely fashion;
  4. Facilitate regular pre-departure sessions.


During Activity

During the course of the international activity, the Team Leader is responsible for updating the Principal Investigator/ Activity Coordinator with any changes to the itinerary or risk assessment.  Laurier International and the Principal Investigator/ Activity Coordinator are both responsible for monitoring the DFAIT travel warnings for the location of the activity.  If the level of risk becomes unmanageable, the Person in Authority has the responsibility to determine whether the group must return home. 

[1] Registration includes providing a list of all participants to be registered in the DepartSmart program.

[2] Depending on the nature and context of the international activity a department may decide to facilitate pre-departure sessions, in conjunction with the DepartSmart program.  If Departments wish to request a customized pre-departure session by Laurier International they must request this in writing at least one month prior to the proposed delivery.