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November 28, 2015

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The following definitions explain terminology used in this policy:

Activity Coordinator: an individual with direct responsibility for an academic/ extra-curricular activity.

DepartSmart: a WebCT program that provides participants with comprehensive pre-departure information and activities to help equip them with the information they need to have a healthy and safe overseas experience.

Incident: an event occurring or a circumstance arising during an international activity that damages or has the potential to damage the health, safety or property of one or more of the activity participants.

Participant: any member of the University Community who is partaking in a university-sanctioned international activity.

Person in Authority: the person to whom an individual who proposes, plans and in some cases leads the off-campus activity reports. Persons in Authority include, but are not limited to, Department Chairs/ Directors, Deans, and Vice-Presidents. In the case of students engaging in undergraduate academic exchanges or studying abroad on a Letter of Permission, the Person in Authority is the Director of Laurier International. For all other solitary student activities (including students embarking on placements, etc.) the Person in Authority is the relevant administrator within his/her department or Faculty.

Pre-departure Orientation: information provided to participants prior to departure on topics including travel logistics, cross-cultural communication, academic systems abroad, health and safety abroad, as well as a variety of other related topics.

Principal Investigator: the person with direct responsibility for a field research project or activity (including supervision or co-supervision of a graduate student thesis project, a post-doctoral research project, or a project carried out under a research or service agreement).

Risk: the likelihood of encountering an identified hazard times the gravity of the consequences of such an encounter.

Safe Travel Support Program (STSP): a program through which Laurier International helps prepare and support members of the Laurier community who are studying/ working/ traveling abroad and assists senior administrators, Faculties and Departments/ Units to manage the risk of their study/ work/ travel abroad programs.

Solitary Participant: an unaccompanied individual engaged in an off-campus activity (for example an academic/ extra-curricular activity such as a student engaged in study/work/travel abroad, academic exchange, or studying on a Letter of Permission).

Solitary Researcher: an unaccompanied individual engaged in an off-campus field research activity.

Staff: full-time or part-time employee, or individual hired by the University on a contract basis.

Student: registered student, full-time or part-time, who is on approved international travel in relation to a Laurier University course, program, research activity or other sanctioned activity.

Team Leader: an individual responsible for leading the international activity in the field. May or may not be the Principal Investigator/ Activity Coordinator.

Unmanageable Risk: risk deemed to exceed that which can be managed by planning, preparation and training, taking into account the category of participants, the circumstances and the resources available.