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May 28, 2015
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Community Resources

Child Care and Day Care Centres

There are numerous daycare centres in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. However, if you are looking for a daycare, it is important to find one ahead of time and apply in advance since the majority of them have long waiting lists. Besides licensed daycare centres, summer camps, before and after school programs, licensed private home child care and unlicensed caregivers are other options for your children.

In Ontario, subsidies for daycare are not available to international students; however, childcare subsidies are available to landed immigrants. Visitors to Canada are also eligible to receive “Canada Child Tax Benefits”: call: 1-800-387-1193. In order to receive these benefits, you must have been in Canada for a minimum of twelve months and have filed an income tax form. Your child must also be under the age of eighteen and one parent must be a visitor or hold a permit under the Immigration Act for duration of not less than one year.

Many daycare centres are listed below; however, this link will provide you with more child care centres in the region as well as helpful information. 

Emmanuel Day Care & Nursery (519)886-3610 22 Bridgeport Street; Waterloo
Hildegard Marsden Nursery (519)886-5437 220Columbia Street; Waterloo
Paintin’ Place Cooperative Daycare (519)888-4030 106 Seagram Dr; Waterloo
Parkminster Daycare Centre (519)885-487075 Erb Street; Waterloo

Community Resource Information

Ambulance, Fire Department or Police 911-free of charge
Bell Canada 310-2355
Cable TV 1-800-267-9000
Government of Canada 1-800-622-6232
Government of Ontario 1-800-267-8097
Kitchener Hydro (519)886-5090
Kitchener Parking (519)741-2330
Kitchener Utilities (519)741-2450
K-W Community Information Centre (519)579-3800
Non-Emergency Police (519)653-7700
Parking Ticket Information (519)741-2379
To find a number ($0.50 charge each time) 411
Union Gas 1-888-774-3111
Waterloo Parking Ticket (519)747-8745

Crisis Lines, Emergency food and shelters

Abuse Crisis Line for Women 1-877-419-1517 or 742-5894
Food Bank of Waterloo Region (519)743-5576
House of Friendship (519)885-3330
Out of the Cold: contact Trinity United Church (519)742-8327
Salvation Army 1-905-522-1477
Suicide and Mental Health distress line (519)745-1166
Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region (519)741-9184; 653-2422

New Canadians Resources:

YMCA-K-W Cross Cultural/Community Services It provides services to new immigrants/refugees for example the Host Program that matches newcomers with the volunteer host.
Contact: (519)579-9622
Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Centre: It offers many services, programs, and support for new Canadians such as assistance with job search, interpretation/translation services, and counselling. An important aspect of services offered is the language training. The Centre offers one-on-one volunteer tutor program, geared to help the newcomers learn the English language. The tutor and the student meet once a week for approximately two hours, for a minimum of four months.
St. Louis Adult Learning Centre: It offers English as a second language courses at several sites in the area.
Contact: (519)745-1201
Catholic Family Counseling (519)743-6333
Interfaith Counseling (519)743-6781
KW Counseling (519)884-0000