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May 24, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Shopping & Great Deals

You can buy second hand (used) appliances, household goods, books, furniture and winter clothing at good prices at garage or yard sales, at Army Surplus stores, The Salvation Army, Goodwill or other second hand stores.

360 Degree Clothing (519) 746-1287 4 King Street, Waterloo
Goodwill (519) 894-0628 1348 Weber, Kitchener
May Court Nearly New Store (519) 745-4412 714 Belmont west, Kitchener
MCC Generation Store (519) 886-6226 50 Bridgeport East, Waterloo
Salvation Army (519) 578-4800 1436 Victoria Street, Kitchener
Twice is Nice (519) 747-1199 33 Erb West(Atrium), Waterloo
Value Village (519) 576-4403 120 Ottawa Street, Kitchener

Dollar stores are excellent stores with great prices.

A Buck Or Two (519) 725-9512 Conestoga Mall; Waterloo
Everything for A Dollar Store Canada (519) 725-1560 94 Bridgeport Street East; Waterloo
Great Canadian Dollar (519) 880-8998 450 Columbia Street West; Waterloo

Discount stores regularly offer new and used items such as clothing, furniture, household supplies and more.

Highway Discount (519) 893-9500 375 Weber St. East, Kitchener
Waterloo Generations-Thrift Shop (519) 886-6226 50 Bridgeport St. East Waterloo

These department stores offer a large variety of various items at a lower cost. You can find clothing, furniture, household items, food and numerous other supplies in a wide selection.

Target (519)-883-2910 Conestoga Mall; Waterloo
Wal-Mart (519) 894-6600 Fairview Park Mall; Kitchener
Winners N More (519) 893-6655 655 Fairway Road; Kitchener
Winners (519) 747-1919 Conestoga Mall; Waterloo