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Wilfrid Laurier University Leaf
May 28, 2015
Canadian Excellence

Shipping, Storage & Keeping Records

Items shipped to Canada often take a long time; you should ship as early as possible and do not ship items you will need immediately on arrival. If you decide to ship, keep all shipping records. You must declare shipped items as “Goods to follow” when you arrive in Canada. Otherwise, you will be charged on the shipped goods.


K-W Safe Storage
136 Moore St. Waterloo

Additional Self Storage
6 Bast Pl. Waterloo

U-Haul Self Storage
585 Colby Dr. Waterloo

Schooner Self Storage
70 Belcan Pl. Waterloo


Keep all baggage, customs and immigration receipts until all your belongings are reunited with you. For your future tax revenue, keep a record of your travel expenses for the time you left home until you are settled in Waterloo.