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May 27, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Local Climate

In Canada there are four main seasons: fall, winter, spring and summer. In the city of Waterloo, the temperature ranges from an average of 25C in summer, to ?10C in winter. Learn more about the weather at Weather in Waterloo.

Fall (September - December)
During these months, the temperature is warm at the beginning, getting colder as the season goes on. Sweaters and jackets are the most common type of clothing during these months.
Winter (December - March)
It is the coldest season and low minus temperatures usually prevail. Snowfalls and wind are common throughout all the winter months. K-W is in the snow belt of Ontario. You need to wear a warm coat, gloves, winter boots, a hat and a scarf.
Spring (March - June)
Mild and cool at times, getting warmer heading into June. It usually rains in the spring, particularly throughout the month of April. Common dress during spring is similar to fall, where sweaters and lightweight jackets are most practical.
Summer (June - September)
These are the warmest months where sunshine and hot, humid temperatures are common, primarily in mid summer. Lightweight clothing such as cotton and items including shorts and t-shirts are most comfortable.


You should dress according to the weather. Canadian students dress casually for classes and, indeed, for most occasions. Sweat pants, jeans and T-shirts are acceptable for both men and women. The emphasis is more on comfort and practicality than fashion trends.