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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Arts
July 28, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Contract Academic Staff

2014-2015 PTAC Members for Geography & Environmental Studies Department:

Dr. Michael English, Chair

Dr. Judy Bates

Dr. Sean Doherty

Related Information:

Job Posting Form - Appendix F

CAS Roster Application Form - Appendix G

Assessment of CAS Candidates - Appendix H

Faculty Positions

CAS Successful Candidates for 2014-2015:

GG101OC1 - Laura Brown

GG102OC2 - Marinel Mandres

GG231OC2 - Nazir Hossain

GG256 - Marinel Mandres

GG271OC2 - Marinel Mandres

GG/ES290OC2 - Denise Grafton

GG350 - Edmund Okoree

GG354OC2 - Mark Moscicki

GG/ES356 - Edmund Okoree

GG/ES362 - Phil Mount

GG388 - Felix Nwaishi

GG389 - Lauren MacDonald

GG395 - Edmund Okoree

GG/ES494 - Galina Morozova

ES295OC2 - Kelley McClinchey

GL101 - Johan Wiklund