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May 30, 2015

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Geospatial Data Resources

Wilfrid Laurier UniversityDepartment of Geography & Environmental Studies in conjunction with the WLU Library currently hold or have access to a wealth of Geospatial Data, ranging from very detailed local and provincialdata to worldwide sources. Geospatial data is made available to the faculty, students and staff of Wilfrid Laurier University for academic or research purposes through various licensing agreements with the federal, provincial and municipal governments as well as private companies.

Local and Regional Geospatial Data

City of Hamilton & Surrounding Area GIS Vector Data2006 (details)

City of Hamilton Digital Orthoimagery 2005 (details)

City of Kitchener Municipal Data 2007 with 2008 & 2009 updates (details)

City of Kitchener Orthomosaic 2003 (details)

City of Kitchener Digital Elevation Model (DEM) (details)

City of London 2008 (details)

City of London Digital Orthoimagery 2008 (details)

City of Waterloo(details)

Regional Municipality of Waterloo MEIS Imagery 1993 (details)

Regional Municipality of Waterloo Tri City Orthoimagery 2000 (details)

Other Regional Data and Imagery

Grand River Conservation Authority Vector & Raster GIS Data (details)

Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Orthoimagery 2005 (details)

Niagara Escarpment Plan (NEP) Maps (details)

South Western Ontario Orthoimagery Project (SWOOP) (details)

Greenbelt Plan GIS Data (details)

Oak Ridges Moraine (details)

Ontario-Wide Geospatial Data

OGDE Fundamental Dataset (details)

OGDE Provincial Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) v2.0.0 (details)

Ontario Road Network (details)

Ontario Municipal Boundaries (details)

OGDE Provincial Land Cover (details)

Southern Ontario Land Resource Information System (SOLRIS) (details)

Soil Types of Southern Ontario (details)

Bedrock Geology of Ontario MRD 126-revised (details)

Bedrock Topography & Overburden Thickness Mapping (S. Ont) MRD 207 (details)

Physiography of Southern Ontario MRD 228 (details)

Surficial Geology of Southern Ontario MRD 128 (details)

Paleozoic Geology of Southern Ontario MRD 119 (details)

Ontario Landsat 5 Image Composites (details)

Ontario Landsat 7 Image Composites (details)

Ontario Forest Inventory (FRI) (details)

Canada-Wide Geospatial Data

CanMatrix Digital Topographic Maps of Canada (details)

National Topographic Database (NTDB) (details)

DMTI CanAtlas v2009.3 (details)

DMTI CanMap Streetfiles v2009.3 (details)

DMTI CanMap Parks & Recreation v2009.3 (details)

DMTI CanMap Rail v2009.3 (details)

DMTI CanMap RouteLogistics v2009.3 (details)

DMTI CanMap Water v 2009.3 (details)

DMTI Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) (details)

DMTI Enhanced Points of Interest (details)

DMTI Platinum Postal Suite v 2009.3 (details)

DMTI Spatial Clutter (details)

World Data

ESRI Data & Maps 9.3 (details)