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July 30, 2015

Canadian Excellence

List of Successful Part-time Appointment Applicants

Academic Year 2014-2015

Please find a list below the successful part-time applicants for the 2014-2015 Academic Year, by term.
*denotes cancellation of lecture or tutorial(s)post-hiring due to low enrolment.

Fall Term 2014

GS 201 Josh Synenko (T1-T3); Theresa Romkey (Tutorials 4 and 5) (T6* cancelled)

GS 211 Bina Mehta (T1-T3); Josh Synenko (Tutorials 4 and 5); (T6* cancelled)

GS 232 Tom Deligiannis; (T1-2 and T4-T6); (T5* cancelled)

GS 311 Pietro Pirani (Lecture)

GS 340H Adam Barker (Lecture)

GS 405Q Kamilla Pietrzyk (Lecture)

GS 405W Laura Reidel (Lecture)

GS 441 Ethan Wilding (Lecture)

Online Courses Fall 2014

GS 212 OC Pietro Pirani (Online Instructor)

GS 222 OC Theresa Romkey (Online Instructor)

Winter Term 2015

GS 202 Debra Chapman (Lecture); Theresa Romkey (T1-T2; T4-T6) (T3* cancelled)

GS 212 Josh Synenko (Tutorials 1, 2, 6); (T3*, T4*, T5* cancelled)

GS 221 Bina Mehta (Lecture); Carolyn Reimer (T2-4 and T6) (T1* and T5* cancelled)

GS 222Carolyn Reimer (T1-2 and T5-6); (T4* and T5* cancelled)

GS 231Pietro Pirani (Lecture); Branka Marijan (T1-T5); (T6* cancelled)

GS 302BStephen Lin (Lecture)

GS 305 Cheryl Gaver (Lecture)

GS 340IDebraChapman (Lecture)

GS405V Jessica Cammaert (Lecture)

GS 422 Holly Pearse (Lecture)

Online Courses Winter 2015

GS 323 OC Christopher Cuttings (Online Instructor)

GS 331 OC Christopher Cuttings (Online Instructor)