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October 13, 2015

Canadian Excellence

GSE Placement Opportunities

The list below includes (but is not limited to) organizations through which Laurier students have done GSE placements in the past, as a point of departure for students considering the GSE in the future.† Please note that inclusion of a particular organization here does not mean that the Global Studies Department endorses the organization or its programmes; organizations are listed solely as a source of ideas for students seeking potential overseas volunteer opportunities, and students are expected to exercise due diligence in the selection of their placements.

New GSE Partnerships:

1. Future of Africa

Journey for Change is Future of Africa's annual service-learning trip that enables participants to experience first hand the issues, challenges, community, and culture of an African country. The service projects are aimed at creating opportunities for empowerment to make a sustainable investment in the future of children and youth. The trip is also intended to educate participants, attach personal relevance to their efforts and initiatives, and inspire action through spreading awareness and sharing their experiences following the trip.†

Journey for Change is designed in a three-part structure: Acclamitization, Projects and Wind down & Reflection. This helps to maximize the potential for impactful service, meaningful reflection, and effective learning during the trip. Visit for more details or email service with any questions. †