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July 4, 2015
Canadian Excellence

Upcoming Events

Montreal Ethnographic Film Festival

McGill, Concordia and L'Université du Québec à Montréal are jointly hosting the 3rd annual event at the end of January, and we will be there! Details to come as soon as the event schedule is up, but the base plan is to take the train from Kitchener and stay at an amazing hostel in the downtown's Latin Quarter--surrounded by cafes, museums, pubs, and all that the city has to offer. Below is a link to last-year's festival page:


The ASA holds weekly meetings, so feel free to come-out and see what we're all about. Times and locations vary, so send us and e-mail and we'll fill you in.

Upcoming Events
Peace For All International

"Peace for All International is a non-profit organization, committed to
working with communities worldwide to achieve lasting peace,
promote healing and to create a self-sufficient economy."

The ASA will be working in conjunction with Peace For All International (PFAI) representatives to design and promote fundraisers on campus to support the development of PFAI's Peace Building and Resolution Conflict Centre in Uganda.

Click here to go to the PFAI website for more information on the centre

Email the ASA to find out how you can help!