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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Arts
March 27, 2015

Canadian Excellence

Executive Committee


President: Joceline Walton

Treasurer & Vice President: Alida Campbell

Events Coordinators: Jacob Bolduc & Lee Chandler

Administrative Assistant - Claire Doran

Student Reps - Jennifer Black & Janine Alonso

External Relations - David Borcsok

Special Projects: Sarah Beckman

Media Coordinator: Anton Dyck


President: Crystal Braye

Treasurer & Administrative Assistant: Joceline Walton

External Relations Coordinator: Andrew Manson

Events Coordinators: Alida Campbell & Lee Chandler

Special Projects: Sarah Beckman-Schmidt

Media Coordinator: Anton Dyck


President: Crystal Braye

Vice-President& Media Coordinator: Benjamin Staple

Treasurer: Danielle Sands

Administrative Assistant: Anton Dyck

External Relations Coordinator: Andrew Manson

Events Coordinators: David Borcsok & Miriah Phillips


President: Melissa Atkinson-Graham

Vice-President Advocacy: Sarah Potter

Vice-President Affairs: Rebecca Buchner

Treasurer: Crystal Braye

Media and Public Relations Officers: David Abra & Jandee Sommerfeldt

Secretary: Katie Bendig