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Wilfrid Laurier University Office of Research Services
April 16, 2014
Canadian Excellence

Funding for Composers, Artists, and Performers

The creation of visual art, the composing of music, and scholarly activities leading to a faculty member's performing a musical composition or exhibiting his/her artistic work are eligible as scholarly activities. This will apply only to activities which are in the applicant's discipline, not to activities which are pursued outside of his/her employment at WLU. Accordingly, SCRAP has established the following conditions which will allow composers, performers and artists to apply for Short-Term Research Grants and Book/CD Preparation grants. Costs related to the copying or transcribing of compositions for performance or the preparation of finished artistic works for exhibition normally will not be covered under these grant programs.

i) Short-term Research Grants

The Grants Committee may consider the unfunded component of costs incurred in the creation of visual art, in the composing of music, or in the scholarly activities leading to the performance of a musical composition or the exhibition of an artistic work.

Deadlines: October 15 and March 1

ii) Book/CD Production Grants

Costs associated with the recording/editing/pressing of CD's are similar to the eligible expenses associated with publishing a book. Consequently, expenses required to produce a CD will be eligible for funding to a maximum of $2,000 per application.

Deadline: open (apply any time)