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February 13, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Grace Anderson Research Fellowship for Women Scholars Recipients

In 1990 the Laurier Senate created this award in honour of Dr. Grace Anderson, Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, who devoted her life to research and the advancement of knowledge in the humanities and social sciences. In particular, Dr. Anderson was known for her research on Portuguese and Spanish immigrant communities, ethnic history, and Protestant/Baptist women in church vocations.

The purpose of the award is to recognize and reward the achievements of women scholars and artists at WLU, and to facilitate and encourage an increase in their research and scholarly output in terms of conference presentations and publications.

(Note:  The Grace Anderson Research Fellowship program is currently on hiatus)

Grace Anderson Research Fellowship Recipients

1990   Harriet Lyons, Sociology and Anthropology
1990   Alma Santosuossa, Music
1991   Iwona Irwin-Zarecka, Sociology
1991   Linda Parker, Psychology
1992   Juanne Clarke, Psychology
1993   Lucy Ackert, Business
1994   Michele Daviau, Religion and Culture
1995   Cindy Comacchio, History
1996   Erika Rummel, History
1996   Eleanor Ty, English
1997   Viviana Comensoli, English
1997   Alison Weir, Philosophy
1998   Kathy Cameron, Mathematics
1998   Viviana Patroni, Political Science
1999   Maria DiCenzo, English
1999   Eileen Wood, Psychology
2000   Paula Fletcher, Kinesiology and Physical Education
2000   Susan James, Psychology
2001   Carolyn Arnason, Music
2001   Elizabeth Olds, Psychology
2002   Jody Decker, Geography and Environmental Studies
2002   Anne Wilson, Psychology
2003   Kim Roberts, Psychology
2003   Angèle Hamel, Physics and Computer Science
2004   Alexandra Gottardo, Psychology
2004   Pamela Sadler, Psychology
2005   Dawn Dalby, Kinesiology and Physical Education
2006   Terry Mitchell, Psychology
2006   Mercedes Rowinsky, Languages and Literatures
2007   Li Wei, Physics and Computer Science
2008   Laurie Barclay, Business