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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
February 9, 2016

Canadian Excellence


Main Interests: Dynamics ofLagrangian and Hamiltonian systems,geometric mechanics,symmetry in nonlinear dynamics,bifurcation, stability. Applications in N-body problems (celestial mechanics, physical chemistry), astro-dynamics and geophysics.

Selected recent publications

T.Schmah and C. Stoica, Normal forms for cotangent bundles with free and proper actions,Communications of Fields Institute, Volume: The Legacy of Jerry Marsden, to appear. Available online arXiv: 1311.7447

A. Hernandez-Garduno and C. Stoica, Bifurcations of relative equilibria for one spheroidal and two spherical bodies,Astrophysics and Space Science343, 523 - 534, 2013

J. A. Arrendondo, J. Guo, S. Stoica and C. Tamayo, Hernandez-Garduno and C. Stoica, On the restricted three body problem with oblate primaries,Astrophysics and Space Science341, 315 - 522, 2012

J. Lawson, T. Schmah and C. Stoica, Euler-Poincare reduction for systems with configuration space isotropy, Journal of Geometric Mechanics3, Issue 2, 261 - 275, 2011

J. Llibre and C. Stoica: Comet- and Hill-type periodic orbits in restricted (N+1)-body problems, Journal of Differential Equations 250, 1747-1766, 2011

D. Pasca, M. Santoprete and C. Stoica: Escape dynamics in collinear atomic-like three mass point systems, Physica D 239, 1516-1526, 2010

D.D. Holm, T. Schmah, C. Stoica:Geometric Mechanics and Symmetry: from finite to infinite dimensions, Oxford Texts in Applied Mathematics 12, Oxford Univ. Press, 2009