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Wilfrid Laurier University Centre for Student Success
July 26, 2016

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Academic Advisors

What type of advisor do I see?

Laurier has a number of options available to students who require help navigating the system. Please review the functions of the different advising offices and make an appointment with the appropriate advisor.

Undergraduate Program Advisors: contact and appointment information

  • information specific to yourprogram of study
  • course selection help and recommendations
  • program transfer information
  • future/graduate options within a specific field
  • assessment of graduation requirements

Faculty Academic Advisors: contact and appointment information

  • general academic advising about your faculty
  • support for students in General BSc/BA without Designation
  • help understanding the petition process
  • clearing probation

Central Academic Advisors: contact and appointment information

Broad-based academic advising and support that crosses faculties/schools
  • identification/clarification of your academic interests and strengths
  • support in development of an educational plan to achieve your academic goals
  • referral to university support services and resources
  • interpretation of general university academic policies and procedures

All graduate students see their programadvisor for program questions.
Graduate Program Advisor.