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April 27, 2015
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Exchange and Outlook?

Exchange is Microsoft's messaging platform. You may also have heard of it as Outlook. Outlook is the desktop email client you will use to access your Exchange mailbox. Outlook is supported on both Windows and Mac. Outlook Web App is the web interface to that same mailbox. ITS will use the term Outlook to reference the new email system.

Why are we switching to Exchange and Outlook?

Exchange will provide enhanced functionality in many areas. It tightly integrates with MS Office 2010 and will integrate more efficiently with several business applications. Additionally, it will position Laurier to provide support for most smart phones (Android based, iPhone, etc.) in the future.

When will we make the switch to Outlook (known as migrating)?

Migration will start on Saturday, May 31. After that time, the last 90 days (and newer) of email items in your GroupWise account will be migrated to Outlook/Exchange. For specific timing details, click here.

What will be migrated to Outlook?

Items up to 90 days old from:
•    your inbox and folders (folder structure will be retained)
•    address books and entries
•    calendar items
Items older than 90 days can still be accessed in Outlook via the Retail tab or by going to the archive site at

Will my shared folders and addresses move to Outlook?

Shared folders will be migrated (if items are newer then 90 days old), but the folders will have to be shared again.  Identically, shared address books and content will be converted, but they need to be shared again.

How can I prepare?

You can start by learning more about Outlook by looking at some of the online training resources on myLearningSpace.

Second, you can prepare by deleting any unneeded messages from your Inbox or folders. You can take this opportunity to clean up your mailbox! Smaller mailboxes will reduce migration time!

What should I do for migration if I have a laptop?

Bring it to the office on the day planned for your unit to be converted so the Technical Specialist can join it to the Active Directory Domain. You can contact the Service Desk if you require alternate arrangements.

Will I be able to access emails older than 90 days?

Yes. GroupWise archives (items older than 90 days) will be available in Outlook via the Retail tab or by going to the archive site at

Will my email address change?

No, your email address will not change.

Will I need to use a new password to access my email?

Possibly. You will need to use your network login to access your email since they are now linked together. This is the username and password you use to login to your desktop and your network shares.

What will happen to my GroupWise email?

We will migrate all items from the last 90 days and newer in your Outlook account. Anything older will be archived and will be available via the Retain tab in the Outlook Menu or via the web interface at Items in your "Junk Mail" or "Trash" folders will not be migrated.

How long can I access my GroupWise Archives?

After migrating to Outlook, GroupWise archives will be available via the Retain tab in the Outlook Menu or via the web interface at Once the archives are migrated, there is no expiry date for them.

Can I get my archives moved to Outlook?

No, archives will be available via the Retain tab in the Outlook Menu or via the web interface at

What will happen to my address books and contacts?

We will migrate over the address books and contacts to Outlook for you. However, if you have shared an address book with others, this information will no longer be shared. Contact ITS Service Desk to get assistance with re-sharing that address book.

What will happen to my Shared Folders?

For the owner of the shared folder (i.e. the person sharing the folder with others), the content of shared folders will be migrated to Outlook, as long as the items are 90 days or newer. If someone has shared a folder with you, you will not have access to the folder in Outlook until the owner shares them with you again. The Service Desk can assist with this.

What will happen to my rules?

Message Rules, Auto-Reply rules, Out-of-Office rules, etc. will not be migrated. You will have to recreate them in Outlook.

Can I still use the GroupWise client after migration?

No, GroupWise will not be accessible once the migration to Outlook is completed.

What will happen to encrypted emails?

If you have used encrypted emails, they will not be migrated. You will need to save them yourself. Please contact the Service Desk for assistance.

What if I used the GroupWise client on my home computer?

Please call the Service Desk as soon as possible to ensure you do not lose any emails you may have archived on your home computer.

Will I still have access to my proxy email accounts?

Yes you will. In Outlook they are called “Shared Accounts.” Please contact the Service Desk should you need any help with Shared Accounts.

How will I access my email on my BlackBerry?

There will be no changes. On launch date, the Blackberry Enterprise Server will be changed to point to Exchange.

How will I access my email on my iPhone?

There will be no changes for Laurier owned devices. On launch date, the Blackberry Enterprise Server will be changed to point to Exchange.

Will I still have access to my work email from my home computer?

Yes, you will. Along with the deployment of Exchange, we will enable a web interface to access your email via the web:

Is our email now stored on the cloud? Is it secure?

Email is not stored on the cloud. It is secure and our MS Exchange servers will be hosted in our own datacentre.

Is the maximum mailbox size bigger or smaller than before?

It will be the same at the start of the migration.

What is the maximum attachment size?

The maximum size of email attachments at launch is 50 Mb. If you have requirements for larger size attachments, please contact the Service Desk for help.

How long will the email switch take on May 31?

The migration will happen on May 31st and depending on a number of factors we may have a planned outage for several hours. Please click here for more information.

How will my email work if I am a MAC user?

You will use MS Outlook for MAC as your email application. A Technical Specialist will come to your office, install MS Outlook if required and configure your computer so you can access your email account.

Can I access my email via a web browser?

Yes, you can access email with the MS Outlook Web App via commonly used web browsers.
For a list of supported browsers, please click here.

How can I learn more about Outlook? Will there be training?

We have available on-line resources. You can register for the Microsoft Outlook Course by following the steps below:
1.    Login to My Learning Space at
2.    Click on "Self Registration", found on the top right corner of the page (to the left of "WLU Homepage").
3.    In the list of Self Registering Course Offerings, click on "Microsoft Outlook."
4.    Click Register.

How can I switch users without logging off?

How can I switch users without logging off? How can more than one user log on to my computer?

If you have more than one user account on your computer, “Fast User Switching” is an easy way for another person to log on to the computer without logging you off or closing programs and files.

1.    Click the Start button, and then click the arrow next to the Shut Down button.
2.    Click Switch User.
3.    Log on as that user.

Why can I only see one account?
If you do not see the second or other accounts, it means the other user(s) has not logged on to that computer before. Log off and have the other person log in. You will now see the other account.

You can learn more about "fast user switching" here:

How do I connect remotely after converting to Active Directory?

Once your computer has joined to AD, when you use the Remote Desktop Connector to access your computer from home, you most likely will login using “computerusername" as your username, which is saved in the Remote Desktop Connector session, and you may find that your profile settings are gone.  

If you experience this situation, logout and connect again but ensure you have the username format as "ADusername," proceed with connecting to your workstation and your profile settings will be used.

Will Trash folder messages be migrated to Exchange?

I sometimes put messages I want to be able to find quickly in the Trash folder. Will these be migrated to Exchange?
No, the Trash folder will not be migrated to Exchange.

I will be away from May to June. What do I need to do?

I will be away from May to June. What do I need to do to ensure my cutover is successful and I don't lose anything?

It is imperative that ITS gets a copy of your GroupWise archives.

Windows users - If your archives are stored on the I drive, then you are OK. If you have GroupWise archives on your computer’s Hard Drive and it has been converted to Active Directory, then an automated process will find and copy them into the enterprise archiving solution, GWAVA Retain. If your computer has not been joined to AD, then follow the process prepared by ITS for Windows users. (Include info on how users can tell if their computer has been added to AD)

MAC Users – please follow the process prepared by ITS. Here is the link:

Upon your return, please contact the Service Desk to finalize the changes required in your computer to complete the migration.

Will my ‘out of office’ rule migrate from GroupWise to Outlook?

No, rules do not migrate from GroupWise to Outlook. These will have to be reset after June 2nd. You will be able to set vacation alerts from the Outlook Web App or from your Laurier issued blackberry.