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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
November 25, 2015

Canadian Excellence the Community at Large

17. Invited panelists to theA Walk Down HERstory night for empowering women organized by the University of Waterloo Muslim Students Association.

16. Radio interviewwith Eric Dorzd from the Midday Show at 570News from downtown Kitchener(September 2014)

15. Invited to host a table at the 2014 Royal Canadian Institute (RCI) for the Advancement of Science Celebration of Science Gala Dinner at MaRS Discovery District (April 2014)

14. Invited to Laurier Society Celebration hosted by President Max Blouw to highlight research in nanoscience at Laurier (June 2013)

13. Invited panelist at the 2013 Earth Hour event hosted by Civic Muslims and the Muslim Students Association at the University of Toronto. The topic is the chemical effect of consumption on the environment (March 2013)

12. Invited lecture at the monthly meeting of the Muslim Seniors Circle at ISNA Canada on the role of science and religion in shaping environmental ethics (February 2013)

11. Invited speaker at 2012 TEDx Lauirer University under the theme "Inspired Thinking" (September 2012)

10. Invited lecture for WLU Retirees Associationwith the titleWhat Every Citizen Should Know aboutthe Earth's Atmosphere (February 2012)

9. Invited panelist on Environmental Challenges Facing TechnologicalSocieties and the Role of Science and Religion in Shaping Environmental Ethics at theAnnual Conference of the Association of Muslim Scientists and Engineers in Rosemont Convention Center, IL, USA (July 2011)

8. Invited public lecture on the theme of "Environment and Justice" organized and hosted by the Department of Philosophy at WLU (Winter 2011)

7. Invited public lecture at Noor Cultural Centre in Toronto, ON, on the role of religion in shaping environmental ethics for the 2010 Islamic History Month Canada (October 2010)

6. Invited to deliver the graduation speech to Grade 12 students of Islamic Foundation High School in Scarborough, ON (June 2010)

5. Invited lecture on Science, Religion and the Environment on a Sunday in May by the Green Passion group at St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church in downtown Kitchener, ON (May 2010)

4. Invited as a Panelist on the Interfaith Forum on Religions and the Environment organized by Faith and the Common Good, Greening Sacred Spaces in Toronto, ON (March 2010)

3. Invited panel contribution on Eco-Religions at the University of Guelph (2008)

2. Invited lecture on the Environment and Ethics in the Perspectives Dialogue Series at the Kitchener Public Library (2008)

1. Invited by a WLU Brownie leader to talk about my experience as a university chemistry professor to girls ages 7 and 8 during Career Night (2007)