Site Accessibility Statement
Wilfrid Laurier University Waterloo Lutheran Seminary
April 25, 2015

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Online Resources


There are many online tools and resources available to our students. At Waterloo Lutheran Seminary, youwill use these resources to register for classes, communicate with your instructors, and access course materials.

To ensure the privacy of your personal information, students are encouraged to use their "" email address. Matters relating to financial or academic information will be communicated to this address only.


For instructions on connecting to the wireless network, please visit

LORIS (Course Registration and Account Information)

The Laurier On-Line Registration Information System (LORIS) provides access to your course registration, your academic record, and your account (to view fees owed). Consult the LORIS system regularly to review your information.

To access the student registration portal directly (you can also access it from, thelogin is your student ID. Your password will initially by your birthdate in MMDDYY format, and you will be prompted to change it the first time you log in.

Further instructions on using LORIS can be found here.

To log in, visit

PC Login (formerly Novell)

This login is required to access computers in the Laurier computer labs. The login name is the student's unique login identifier. The unique login identifier has the format name#### where "name" is the firstfour letters of the student's last name and "####" is the last four digits of your studentnumber.

For students with last names less than four characters in length, add X's to make four letters inlength, for example, a student with the last name Lee will have a login that starts with leex.This is what you will need to log into any computer in the Laurier labs.

Your password the first time you enter is your birthdate in this format MMDDYYYY. You arerecommended to change your password once you login.

Student Email

As a Seminary student, there will be times when you need your official student email address. We respect your privacy, and share Wilfrid Laurier University's policy that WLS and WLU will only answer questions regarding your account, academic record, and petition decisions through your email account.

If you are afraid that you will miss important messages sent to this address, it is possible to set up automated forwarding to your regular email address. Contact the Student Service Desk for more information.

Your username and password are the same as your PC Login (above).

To log in, visit


MyLearningSpace is the online portal where instructors will post syllabi and class notes, students communicate in online discussions, and instructors will expect digitally submitted papers to be uploaded. Note that the messaging system in MyLearningSpace is not the same as your student email.

Your username and password are the same as your PC Login (above).

To log in, visit