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Wilfrid Laurier University Waterloo Lutheran Seminary
July 28, 2014
Canadian Excellence


Walk-In Counselling

Our personalized and collaborative approach enables us to create a unique plan that is specifically designed to address your needs. We offer a wide spectrum of counselling and preventative mental health services. A one session 90-minute walk-in clinic is offered on a weekly basis as well.

Walk-In Counselling runs every Thursday from 1:45-7:00 pm with the last appointment at 5:30 pm. Walk-In Counselling is and opportunity to access practical and preventative mental health services. Sometimes, our capacity to manage daily stress becomes exhausting, mentally, emotionally and physically. Our Walk In service offers a 90 minute session that is collaboratively structured and client focussed. This unique approach enables you to create a plan specific to your needs. You will receive a copy of your plan at the end of the session and the opportunity to evaluate the support provided. Walk-In Counselling is cancelled until September, 2014


We operate on a sliding fee scale and we accept EAP plans. Please contact us for further information regarding fees.