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September 21, 2014
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Student Petitions Procedures

The Petition process is meant to give students a soft reset due to extenuating circumstances that have harmed their Academic Standing and success. The transition to university and adulthood is a challenging period in life, and your classmates past and present have petitioned for a wide variety of reasons. Remember- your first step is to get help; the petition is among your last steps in your reset process, after you have made the necessary changes and/or sought the necessary help you need.

You may appeal to the Laurier Brantford Petitions Committee any decision taken by an individual or body acting in the name of the university that affects your academic standing and that you believe was taken unfairly.

There are two types of appeals to the Laurier Brantford petitions committee. First, an appeal may be filed on the grounds that the normal faculty or university rules have not been properly or fairly applied to your individual circumstances. Second, an appeal may be filed to ask the Laurier Brantford Petitions Committee for relief from some faculty or university rule(s), or calendar requirements because of extenuating circumstances, such as physical or mental illness or bereavement.

You will not be able to appear in person before the Petitions Committee, so it is important that you ensure that all relevant materials, including a written detailed synopsis of the circumstances pertaining to the appeal, are submitted as part of the petition. Depending on your grounds for Appeal, you should consider including a plan to ensure it does not happen again, what changes you have made in your life to be successful, etc.

Please note your privacy is assured. Only the Committee secretary and the Associate Dean will ever see your name and student ID number. The rest of the committee is simply told ‘the student’.

The Laurier Brantford Petitions Committee will consider and decide all petitions within six weeks of the filing of your petition, if all necessary documentation and information is complete.

A decision of a Petitions Committee may be appealed to the Senate Student Appeals Committee, in accordance with the Procedures for Considering Appeals by the Senate Student Appeals Committee.