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Wilfrid Laurier University Laurier Brantford
September 15, 2014
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Deferred Exams

If you are unable to write your exam

If you are unable to write your exam the first thing you should do is contact your instructor and see if some sort of immediate alternative arrangement can be made.  It may be possible to write shortly after the scheduled date in their office.

Extraordinary Incidences

The following reasons will be considered in granting relief.  All reliefs must provide a written statement and proper documentation to the Dean's Office three days prior to Slip Day in order for a student to write.  Relief is not automatic in these incidences.  The decision will be made in consultation with the Associate Dean.  The following are considered extraordinary circumstances which may allow a student to write on Slip Day.

1) Severe Illness or Surgery

This does not include flu and flu-like symptoms.  You must provide medical documentation which includes the date of the illness, the date you were examined, the nature of the illness, and the expected time of convalescence where pertinent.  Medical certificates must be dated on the day of the exam or earlier, if the recovery time extends to the date of the exam.

2) Automobile Accident

This does not include car trouble, or cars breaking down.  We will require documentation, such as a medicate certificate or an accident report.

3) Death in your Immediate Family

You must provide a copy of the death certificate

 4) Religious Holiday

5) Childbirth

Either parent of a childbirth may be eligible to write on slip day.  The childbirth must interfere directly with their exams and we will require a medical certificate.

6) Subpoena

We will require official documentation that clearly notes the date and time in which you are required in court.

If your request to write on Slip Day is unsuccessful, you do have the option to petition the Laurier Brantford Petitions Committee.  Please note that successful petitions of this nature will result in writing the exam not on slip day, but during the next exam period.