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December 22, 2014
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Teaching and Research

Successfully transitioning into a post-degree career requires a combination of self-reflection and job market awareness, as well the proactive development of strategic career planning and employment preparation skills. ASPIRE offers workshops and events in each of these areas, with the ultimate aim of supporting students' progression into meaningful professions.

Fall 2014 


Foundation Fridays: Career and Instructional Development Workshops (Brantford)
An integrated day of instructional and career programming. Pick your path based on what interests you the most. Choose one or two sessions to attend or participate in a full morning of workshops. It’s up to you! Learn More

Foundation Saturdays: Career and Instructional Development Workshops (Waterloo)
An integrated day of instructional and career programming. Pick your path based on what interests you the most. Choose one or two sessions to attend or participate in a full morning of workshops. It’s up to you! Learn More

Participating in and Facilitating Seminars and Tutorials 
Being a TA is a great opportunity for personal and professional growth. Join this workshop to gain awareness of various parameters that can impact effective discussion and participation. Learn More

Critical Incidents in TAing
This workshop facilitates a discussion around potential situations that teaching and instructional assistants (TAs/IAs) may experience, including classroom confrontations and setting boundaries; handling requests for extensions; dealing with student complaints; and developing a positive supervisor/TA relationship. Learn More

Teaching and Technology Community of Practice: Removing Technical Barriers from the Classroom
Presenting solutions that will allow you to wirelessly present, share and interact with each other. Learn More

Preparing for Your Teaching Assistant (TA) Role: First Meetings
In this session experienced TAs will share best practice, showcase and engage participants in potential activities that you can adapt to your individual practice. Learn More

Critical and Active Reading: Developing Transferable Skills for You and Your Students 
This session is designed to engage you in hands-on activities that will develop your metacognitive awareness of reading strategies as well as model and break down the interrogative reading process. Learn More

Teaching in the Canadian Classroom
Teach more inclusively and enhance your instructional skills, teaching communication, and ability to respond to student questions. Learn More

Communication in the Internationalized Classroom 
Identify your own expectations in communication; recognize dimensions in intercultural communication to improve communication, relationships, and work outcomes. Learn More

Managing and Engaging in Difficult Discussions 
Workshop activities will include teaching about a controversial topic, managing a classroom discussion, and engaging in role plays to resolve conflict. Learn More

Documenting Teaching & Collecting Feedback  
Developing your instructional practice (and the transferable skills that come with it) begins by documenting and reflecting upon what you do (in the moment/afterwards), including the feedback you invite and receive from others (i.e., peers, students, self). Learn More

The End of the Term is Coming: Strategies for Success 
The busiest time of year is here, come and hear from seasoned TAs about topics such as exam review, collecting and providing feedback, time management, and more to make the most of the end of term crush. Learn More

Teaching in the Intercultural Classroom - Brantford
This session introduces participants to dimensions of intercultural communication and offers strategies for enhancing learning in the intercultural classroom. Learn More

TAs 4 Safety: Transforming Uncomfortable Moments in the Classroom 
This 2.5-hour live theatre workshop will illustrate some of the complex teaching situations that arise in today’s university classrooms and offer suggestions and resources to help teaching assistants support students.  Learn More

Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement and Beginning to Build a Teaching Dossier
This workshop is designed to give you a foundation to express your teaching philosophies and begin to build a professional teaching dossier. Participants will gain tools and strategies to craft an effective teaching philosophy statement and prepare a first draft in the workshop. Learn More

Teaching Philosophy Statement Feedback Session
This session is designed to facilitate the process of receiving peer feedback on your teaching philosophy statement as well as feedback from an experienced Educational Developer. Learn More

Teaching Strategies and Classroom Management
Come to this workshop to learn about and experience a variety of teaching methods that you can implement in your classroom. We will also develop strategies to incorporate these teaching methods in your own teaching while maintaining control of your classroom. Learn More

Lesson Planning 101
In this workshop, participants will learn the fundamental characteristics of a lesson plan and the benefits of using lesson planning in their own teaching practice. Participants will begin to construct lesson plans to use in their own instructional opportunities or may choose to create a lesson plan for an aspirational lesson on a topic of interest. Learn More

Encouraging Interaction in your Classroom
Do you ever hear crickets when you pose a question to your class? Do you want to encourage lively discussions? In this workshop, we will discuss strategies to facilitate discussion and participation in your classroom. Learn More

Facilitating Group Work in the Classroom
Facilitating and incorporating group work in the classroom can be a daunting task. Many students dread group work and there are challenges associated with incorporating this approach from the instructor’s perspective as well. In this workshop, we will discuss the benefits and challenges of group work, framing group activities to encourage student engagement, and how to design the activity to prevent common issues such as social loafing. Learn More

Building your own Course
Have you ever wanted to design your own course? In this workshop, bring an idea for a new course or a course you have been involved with in the past that you would like to improve and change. Learn More

Microteaching Sessions
Microteaching sessions are small-group workshops of 4 participants in which each participant plans and delivers a 10-minute lesson. After delivering the lesson, the participant will have the opportunity to self-reflect on their teaching experience as well as receive constructive feedback from their peers. Learn More


Accessing Data For Your Research
The Laurier Library houses a vast collection of socio-economic data. These datasets are key resources for research in all faculties. This session show you how to locate and access data for your research. Learn More

Research Data Management and Tri-Council Funding: What You Need to Know
We provide data management and data preservation resources that will help you satisfy Tri-Council’s requirements during and after the life of your project. Learn More

Bibliometrics: Learn How to Measure Your Research Impact
How do scholars assess 'research impact'?  This session will explain some of the ways in which research impact is measured by universities and funding agencies today. Learn More

Creating a Research Question                                                                                          
A good research question is the foundation for a successful research project.  Learn strategies for creating a focused question that will streamline your thesis or dissertation research and help you finish on time. Learn More

Writing a Literature Review                                                                                        
Need to write a literature review? Learn how to plan, research and organize one successfully for your thesis or dissertation. Learn More