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August 1, 2014
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About Aspire

ASPIRE provides a framework and accessible website to help students craft an individualized learning plan tailored to navigating the professional journey and entry to the workplace. ASPIRE assists students in identifying, developing and translating transferable knowledge and skills into job competencies associated with a range of work options, including those in higher education, the private sector, non-profit organizations and government.

Through lectures, group work, workshops, intensive seminars and one-on-one consultations, the program seeks to enable students to tailor their individual and collective experiences in graduate school to their plan for continued professional development along a chosen career path.

Each student's Co-Curricular Record (CCR) will provide a record of training opportunities attended and successfully completed.

Through the ASPIRE portal, students can access tools and resources designed to help articulate professional goals, identify transferable knowledge and skill sets, and locate a slate of offerings and program information that meet personal and professional goals.


Career Development Transitioning from graduate school or a postdoctoral position into the greater workplace requires planning, research, and networking. The ASPIRE program offers selected opportunities in each of these areas to facilitate entry into careers of choice >>>

Communications From working with faculty and student peers in graduate school, to effective methods of communication and fostering relationships with professionals (e.g. researchers, teachers, employers) within national and global contexts, offerings in this category emphasize the importance of and need for developing competence in all aspects and modes of communication - oral, written, visual, and visual >>>

Leadership This ASPIRE program aims to foster in Laurier's graduate students and postdocs expertise in and commitment to constructive leadership, both as individuals and team members. The offerings in this area are intended to promote skills management, conflict resolution, personal growth, self-presentation, coordination, and team building >>>

Teaching and Research Successfully transitioning into academic or post-academic professions requires a combination of self-reflection and job market awareness, as well the proactive development of strategic career planning and employment preparation skills. This section offers workshops and events in each of these areas, with the ultimate aim of supporting students' progression into meaningful careers >>>