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April 17, 2014
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Meet Richard Wagamese



We are excited to announce that Richard Wagamese, the author of Indian Horse, is coming to Waterloo! Come to one or both of the events listed below to hear Richard Wagamese talk about writing Indian Horse. Curious about where he finds inspiration, his writing process, or how he became an author? Here are two opportunities to ask him your most burning questions!

Event 1:

When: Tuesday September 17th, 7pm

Where: First United Church - 16 William St. W (beside the LCBO on King Street)

Who: Richard Wagamese (of course!). All are invited to attend this free event.

Event 2:

When: Wednesday September 18th, 9:30am-11:00am

Where: Chapel at the Seminary, Wilfrid Laurier University

Who: Richard Wagamese (of course!). All are invited to attend this free event.

3 people have commented
1 Fiorella Morzi - 13 Sep 2013

I am so excited to hear Wagamese's writing process! Where did he find Saul's voice? How did he texturize it? I'm also interested in learning about how he has cultivated the ability to describe the richness of the natural world with such precision and subtlety.

2 Jordana - 13 Sep 2013

I really like it when authors give readings and answer questions from their readers. It is a great learning opportunity and a fun social event too. You raise great questions Fiorella that only Richard can answer!

3 Kathleen - 17 Sep 2013

If you can attend this talk, your life outlook will be changed. What a cogent and emotive speaker. Bring a tissue; I certainly needed it. My friend who listens to lectures regularly, said the only other speaker she has heard of this quality was Peter Ustinov.

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