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April 25, 2015

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Special Notes Brantford Campus - BA/BEd, BBTM, BSW, JN, PS, HR, OL, BF, BSW

New Brantford Foundations FAQ's for Non-CT majors

New Brantford Foundations FAQ's for CT majors

Students wishing to Request Transfer into the following Brantford campus programs must use the Program Transfer form by the deadline of MAY 1.

  • BA/BEd - Effective September 2014, transfers into Concurrent Education will no longer be permitted. Please consult with the Academic Advising Centre and Career Development Centre for other pathways into the education field.
  • BBTM - Students must have a 70% in a 4U English and a 4U Math
  • BSW - Students must have a 60% in 4U English

    Requirements for Program Changes into the following programs at the Brantford campus. Please use the following Program Selection form.

    • Human Rights and Human Diversity students declaring the HR concentration as part of their program
    • Journalism students entering Year 2 must declare a concentration (with the exception of honours combination Journalism students. Students must have 75% in a 4U English or a B- in a first year Laurier English
    • Leadership students declaring the HR concentration as part of their program
    • Psychology students must have one of 3M Functions, 3U Functions & Relations or any 4U Math at 60%; or successful completion of a first year Laurier Mathematics (MA) course