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April 26, 2015
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FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions

March 2014

What is Service Laurier?
Service Laurier brings one-stop convenience by administering comprehensive enrolment management services that include records and registration, student awards, and student financial accounts. Our staff provide confidential, accurate, and timely assistance in person, online, and by telephone.

Service Laurier Waterloo

Service Laurier Brantford

Registration/LORIS/Online Learning Information

If you have an outstanding balance, you will not be able to activate your LORIS record. Contact Service Laurier to resolve the financial issue.

Service Laurier Waterloo

Service Laurier Brantford

I am locked out of LORIS, how can I have my account re-activated?
You can have your PIN reset by completing the PIN Reset form. You must provide your valid Novell login and password to request a PIN reset. If you do not know your Novell password, you can have it reset at one of the following links:

Forgot Student Novell Password

What is the difference between being a part-time or full-time student?
Part-time students are defined as being registered in 1.5 credits or less, per term. Full-time students are enrolled in 2.0 credits or more, per term.

How do I move from Part-time to Full-time Studies?
Students that begin studies part-time must complete a minimum of 2.0 credits before they can apply to transfer into full-time studies. Registration in full-time will be based on the grades achieved at Laurier and eligibily is determined by the Registrar’s Office. To request full-time studies, the student is required to complete the Request for Full-time Studies form.

How do I change my program?
In order to change your program you must submit the online Program Selection form. Some departments may require the department approval. For highly competitive programs such as BBA, BBTM, BSW, HE, Kin & PE, refer to the appropriate Request for Program Transfer.

Can I transfer from/to the Brantford or Waterloo Campus?
If you want to transfer from/to the Brantford Campus or Waterloo Campus, print the Campus Transfer Request form and submit it to the campus you wish to transfer to.

What is the policy regarding repeated courses?
Note the following regulations regarding courses that have been repeated:

  1. No course may be attempted more than twice. When a course is repeated the grade received in the last attempt will be used to calculate the GPA.
  2. The first attempt remains permanently on your record, but is not included in the GPA calculation for progression purposes.
  3. Students in degree programs may repeat courses up to a maximum of 2.0 credits.

How do I add/drop an Online Learning course?
You can add/drop an online learning course on LORIS. If you are adding an online course, you must also complete the Online Learning Term form.

How do I see my grades on LORIS?
You are able to view your grades as they are entered in LORIS under “Unofficial” record. Once all grades have been received, they will become “Official” Follow these instructions on LORIS and remember to close your browser when you are finished.
1. Log onto
2. Click “Enter Secure Area”
3. Type in your student number, press “Tab”, then type in your PIN, click on “Login”
4. Click on “Student Services”
5. Click on “Registration”
6. Click on “Select Term"

How do I check my academic status at the end of the year (May)?
In mid-June, you can go on LORIS and check your grades and status. This means that your record has been reviewed by your major department to determine if you are eligible for the program you selected in March.

If you did not meet the requirements of your program, you will be placed in the next closest program (ie. you selected Honours Sociology - did not meet honours GPA requirements - you will be placed in General Sociology). If you take courses throughout the summer to upgrade, you may contact the department in September.

How do I register for next fall and winter?
It is extremely important that between March 1 and April 28, you confirm your program for fall and winter terms by following the instructions on LORIS. A Program Selection form must be used after the April 28th deadline date. Students in Year 4 or returning after an absence of more than 18 months from studies must submit a Program Selection form.

Online course registration begins in June. Time tickets for fall term 2014 and winter 2015 registration are assigned based on credits completed at Laurier and the University of Waterloo and courses in progress up to August 2014. Transfer credits are also factored into the total credits completed. 

What is a time ticket?
A time ticket is your first opportunity to register for your fall and winter courses. This year time tickets are assigned based courses completed at Laurier and the University of Waterloo and courses in progress up to August 2014. Transfer credits are also factored into the total credits completed. If your time ticket is incorrect, or you do not have a time ticket, please complete the appropriate faculty-based Program Selection form.

What is the process to change my name on my records?
In order to change your name on your records, you must provide a scanned or faxed copy of your birth certificate or marriage certificate along with instructions on what you want it changed to. You can fax it to 519-884-8826 or scan/email to Brantford students should contact Service Laurier Brantford,  or ext. 5885.

How do I withdraw from the University?
Information on withdrawing from the University can be found at:

Can I take a course toward my Laurier degree at another University?
You can take courses toward your Laurier degree on a Letter of Permission at another university. Follow the instructions on the Registrar's Office website link.

How can I tell if a course is taught at the Brantford Campus?
A course taught at the Brantford Campus will have a section of BR (e.g PS101BR)

Where can I obtain help choosing courses?
You can obtain academic counselling from the faculty advisors.

Waterloo Campus: Refer to this list for contact information
Brantford Campus: Refer to this list for contact information

What will happen if I pick courses that are inappropriate?
You are responsible to register in courses appropriate to your program. Be advised that the university may remove you at any time from courses that you have registered in contrary to regulations.

What if a course I want is closed?
If a department has authorized wait listing to be used if a course is full, you will be prompted to add yourself to the wait list. The instructions can be found in Step 4 of this guide.

How do I know what a link error means?
If you receive a link error when registering for a course, refer to Error Messages, also found in Step 4 of this guide.

What if I don't have the required prerequisites?
You should not register for a course you do not have the required prerequisite for. LORIS will not allow you to register in a fall course if you do not satisfy the requirements. However, LORIS will allow you to register in a winter course as it assumes you will add the necessary course to your fall registration. If you do not, LORIS may eventually remove you from the winter term course. If you wish an exception you must speak to the department, if approved, the course will be added.

How do I register for a lab and/or tutorial?
If you are registering in a course that requires a lab or tutorial, you must choose both when you make your selection. They are linked together and therefore you must select both components of the course.

Can Brantford students take courses at the Waterloo Campus or vice versa?
With permission of both the department offering the course and Brantford campus, you can take course(s) at the other campus if they are not offered at your home campus.

Can I take Online Learning (OC) courses?
Yes, refer to the Online Learning website for a complete list of courses available. Remember you must complete the online learning term form.

Are courses at the University of Waterloo (UW) open to me?
Many courses at the University of Waterloo are open to Laurier students. Should you wish to cross-register at the University of Waterloo, you should seek academic counselling or consult the Undergraduate Regulations section of the Undergraduate Academic Calendar. If cross-registration is appropriate, submit a completed cross-registration form to Service Laurier.

How do I register if I am a BA/BEd (Brantford Campus) Concurrent degree student?
Students must be registered for their Nipissing education courses on the My Nipissing WebAdvisor system and will be registered in their Nipissing education courses on LORIS. You must register for your Laurier courses on LORIS.

Official Transcripts/Proof of Enrolment/RESP Information

Can I request an official transcript by telephone?
All transcript requests must submitted formally to the Office of the Registrar and contain payment and the student's original signature before they will be processed. Information and the online Transcript Request form can be found here.

What is the cost of an official transcript?
The cost of an official transcript is $12.00 per copy. If you are paying by cheque, make it payable to Wilfrid Laurier University. We accept payment by cheque, money order, cash and credit card. Requests received without payment will not be processed.

What is the processing time once I request an official transcript?
Normally, transcripts are processed within 5 business days. However, at busy times of the year (end of the term, registration and convocation), it can take up to 7 business days. Requests are processed in order of date received. Responsibility lies with the student to ensure your request is submitted well in advance of your deadline.

What is a proof of enrollment?
This is a letter issued by the Office of the Registrar confirming your registration status at Wilfrid Laurier University. Standard letters are processed within 5 business days. However, custom letters or letters requested at busy times of the year (end of the term, registration and convocation), it can take up to 7 business days. Requests are processed in order of date received. Responsibility lies with the student to ensure your request is submitted well in advance of your deadline. The cost per letter is $12.00.

Waterloo Campus: The online form can be found here
Brantford Campus: The online form can be found here

How do I use my RESP to pay my tuition?
In order to obtain funds from your RESP, you must be enrolled full-time in a qualifying post-secondary program. Your financial institution may require proof of your enrolment at Laurier before they will release your funds. Information which may be required by your financial institution includes:

* Academic Institution Name
* Academic Program
* Number of Years of Academic Program
* Year of Current Study (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th)
* Academic Year Length (number of weeks of study in current academic year
* Academic Year Start Date
* and other information as required.

Some financial institutions will require a copy of your invoice, or a Proof of Enrolment from the Office of the Registrar. Each financial institution sets their own policies regarding information required to withdraw money from a RESP fund.

Withdrawals from a RESP often require advance notice at the financial institution to ensure the funds are available before the term due date. We recommend that all students should contact their financial institution in advance of the fee due date each term to confirm what information and documentation will be required to process their withdrawal. Due dates will not be extended to accommodate delays in the processing of RESP withdrawal.

To have the school verify this information, you may require an Outside Agency Request Form, found here%20id=">.  The same processing timelines apply and the cost is $6.00 per form. There is no charge for CPP requests.

Student Finances

Who do I speak to regarding OSAP?
General questions regarding OSAP should be directed to:

Service Laurier (Waterloo) at or ext. 2800
Service Laurier (Brantford) at or ext. 5885

Specific questions about an OSAP application can be directed to

You can also visit the Student Awards website.

What are my financial responsibilities if I add or drop courses?
The deadline to register in at least one course (including online learning courses), without a late registration charge is July 21, 2014 (11:59 p.m.) for fall term and November 10, 2014 (11:59 p.m.) for winter term. After this date, a late fee will be applied to your financial account. By registering in courses, you are responsible for the fees associated unless you drop the course(s) within the published drop dates. The deadline dates and corresponding fee penalties are outlined in the Academic Dates section of the Undergraduate Academic Calendar.

How much is the late registration charge?
The late registration charge will be applied to your account as of July 22, 2014 for fall term and November 11, 2014 for winter term. Information regarding the fee can be found under Miscellaneous fees, in the Financial Services section of the Undergraduate Academic Calendar, or by contacting the Business Office at

When will I receive my invoice?
Invoices are sent to your home address from the Business Office/Student Accounts at the beginning of August. Payment of your invoice can be made in-person at Service Laurier, or online through your bank. Note that payments made through internet banking take 2-3 days to process and thus should be made at least 3 days prior to the due date to ensure the university receives your payment on time.

What happens if I don't pay my fees by the due date?
Students who do not pay their balance by the due date will be charged a late payment fee of 1.25% per month. Payments not made in-person should allow adequate transit and processing time. If payment has not been received in-person at Service Laurier or by the Business Office by the due date, it is considered late, and the student account will be charged the late payment fee.

If your account remains unpaid one month into the term, a HOLD will be placed on your account. A HOLD prevents you from adding/dropping, registering in any upcoming terms, requesting transcripts or viewing your marks online. As well, you may also be de-registered from school if fees remain unpaid. Clear HOLDS on your account by paying with cash, debit, certified cheque or online bank payment. Payments made by non-certified cheque will result in the HOLD remaining on your account for 21 days.

If I have been de-registered, what do I do now?
Once a student has been de-registered for non-payment of fees they are no longer considered a Laurier student and therefore are no longer considered eligible for grades, marks and/or credits from the courses you were registered in. You are also no longer allowed to live in a university residence.

Full payment must be made to the Business Office/Student Accounts by cash, debit, certified cheque or online banking. Full payment consists of tuition and incidental fees, the de-registration fee and late registration fees. Once payment has been made, you must petition to your faculty petitions committee to be re-registered. If approved, you will be re-registered in the current term only. You are responsible to re-register in any subsequent terms and courses are not guaranteed. Petitioning cannot begin without full payment and receipt from the Business Office.

Note: If you do not petition to reverse de-registration, you are still responsible for 55% of tuition fees as well as all incidental fees.

When and how do I access my tuition tax receipt (T2202A) form?
Tuition and Education Tax receipts are available at the end of February for the previous tax year, on LORIS only. T4A's (Business & Scholarships) will be mailed to your Home address.

How do I pay my tuition if I am receiving OSAP?
If OSAP is covering the assessed fees in full, no further payment is required by you. However, ensure you pick up your loan documents from the Student Awards Office (202 Regina Street, Office of the Registrar) or Service Laurier Brantford (171 Colborne Street) and negotiate your loan in person, once LORIS indicates your documents are ready. Failure to negotiate your OSAP loan during the first month of the term will result in late payment charges remaining on your account. If your loan is not sufficient to cover the assessed invoiced amount, you must pay the difference by the due date.

What if someone else is paying my tuition?
Since the account is in your name, you are ultimately responsible for payment and any late payment charges. If someone else is paying your tuition, it is your responsibility to provide the required information (invoice or LORIS balance) to them to make the payment by the due date.

Can my parents inquire about my financial account?
The university is bound by privacy legislation and therefore cannot discuss the financial particulars of your account unless we have your authorization. An online Account Disclosure form found at, can be completed and submitted online. This form valid during your entire time as a Laurier student. Note, this authorization applies to your financial account only. The university will not discuss anything else with anyone other than yourself.

How are my fees assessed?
Fees are assessed and applied to your account based on the number of courses you registered in. At Laurier, you are charged on a per course basis up to the maximum amount based on the government imposed tuition cap. Refer to the Fee Chart in the Financial Services section of the Undergraduate Academic Calendar.

I dropped a course, how do I receive my financial credit?
Refer to the Business Office website for information on how course registration changes are reflected on your student account. To request your financial credit, complete the online Refund Request form.

Where can I find information on Tax Deductions and Credits from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)?
Information regarding benefits for students can be found here

Final Examination Information

Where is the final examination schedule posted?
The final examination schedule is posted on the Office of the Registrar's Homepage.

Waterloo Campus: click here
Brantford Campus: click here

If I have 3 final exams within 24 hours, what should I do?
Students in Arts are allowed to discuss the situation with your professor in order to find a suitable time. Failure to obtain another time can be discussed with your departrment Chair. Science, Business and Music students must petition through the Petitions Committee.

If I have a conflict with work or a family commitment, how can I get my exam date changed?
Same response as having 3 final exams within 24 hours.

If I have a conflict with 2 final exams at the same time, what should I do?
You are allowed to write each exam back to back. Waterloo campus students arrange with the Examinations department,  ext. 6370 or 6098 for the appropriate location. Brantford campus students complete the Final Exam Conflict form.

My proctor is not able to proctor me at the time and date specified, what can I do?
University policy states that all final examinations must be written on the date and time specified. If you are unable to find a proctor for the date and time specified, the Examinations department, ext. 6370 or 6098 will provide you with assistance on suitable proctors and University locations closest to you.

Graduation and Convocation Ceremony Information

How do I find information about graduation?
Information on how to apply to graduate and the specific deadline dates are listed here.

Information regarding the graduation ceremony is available on the convocation website.