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July 23, 2016

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Faculty of Social Work Courses

UPCOMING COURSE! This course will be taught at Grand Valley Institution for Women on Thursday evenings. Students must apply to instructor.

Fall 2016 Social Justice and Transformative Social Work Practice

Transformative social work practice is understood toencompass critical reflexivity and action that aims to disruptcurrent social inequalities and manifestations of powerinherent in the delivery of social services and communitywork. The fluid concept of social justice will be deconstructedand explored through a variety of theoretical lensesincluding, but not limited to Indigenous, anti-racist, feminist,queer, disability and transnational perspectives. Theories ofprogressive social change practices will be explored in orderto lead the student to think about concepts such ascolonialism, intersectionality, power and resistance withinsocial work practices. Students will also be encouraged toengage in reflexivity with regards to their own experiences ofintersecting identities and how they are situated withinrelations of power.

Instructor: Dr. Shoshana Pollack,

General Application Information for Social Work Students

You must be registered in the Faculty of Social Work to take a Walls to Bridges course. Students will receive an email in late spring or early summer (even those entering their first year) announcing which Walls to Bridges courses will be available. The name of the course and the instructor information will also be provided. The available Walls to Bridges courses will also be listed in the MSW registration guide. Students must email the instructor a copy of their CV and a letter of interest. The instructor will contact you to set up a brief interview. Unfortunately, due to limited space not all applicants will be able to take the course. Upon acceptance into a Walls to Bridges class, contact in order to get help with registering through the LORIS system.

Please see Dr. Pollack's faculty website for further information about student experiences of the Walls to Bridges program.