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Wilfrid Laurier University Human Resources
May 24, 2016
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Research Assistants (Funded Internally)

Often the employee you wish to hire is someone with whom you have already worked with and can add significant value to your project.  Please keep in mind that we will do our best to meet your needs however there are specific guidelines that we must adhere to. 

Research Assistants funded internally (if located in Waterloo Region or Barrie) are represented by the WLUSA bargaining unit and have the following parameters:
  • Temporary positions/appointments: Assignment will not exceed seventy (70) working days. These positions are subject to terms and conditions outlined in Appendix E in the WLUSA Collective Agreement.
  • Limited-term positions:  Assignment length is dependent on funding but will be no greater than eighteen (18) months in length. Positions that end prior to the contract end date will be eligible for notice but not severance benefits (Article 13)
  • Continuing positions: Assignments that are greater than eighteen (18) months.

Positions greater than seventy (70) working days will be subject to WLUSA Job Evaluation System as per Article 17 and posting provisions as per Article 12.3. Please click on the link above to learn about the process to grade a new position.

Overtime will be paid for all hours worked in excess of 7 hours in a day or 35 hours per week.  Shift premiums will apply as per Article 23.6. Members required to work on paid holidays will be compensated as per Article 25.

Research Assistants not located in Waterloo Region or Barrie should still be selected based on a reasonable search, Job Evaluation and posting process.  Please contact your HR representative with your specific requirements.


In order to hire a Research Assistant longer than seventy (70) working day, a completed position requisition form must be submitted to Human Resources which includes the Index Code where the funds are available, a job description and approval from Manager of Finance that the funds are available for the duration of the assignment.

This position will need to be posted on the HR website to ensure we are hiring the best qualified candidate.  WLUSA members will be considered first for this position as it falls within the bargaining unit.

Your HR representative will assist with interviewing candidates if needed, will draft an offer of employment for your signature and will set up the assignment through payroll for processing.  

Research Assistants assignments less than seventy (70) working days in length; please complete the Research Assistant Hiring Form found under the following link:

You will need the following information:

•    Name
•    Date of Birth
•    SIN
•    Address
•    Phone Number
•    Index Code
•    WLU ID Number (if N/A enter ‘0’)
•    Start Date of Assignment
•    Rate of Pay or stipend amount
•    Estimated number of total hours
•    End Date of Assignment
•    Location of Work (Waterloo Region or Barrie, Brantford Campus or Off Campus)
•    WLU student (Yes or no)
•    **Eligibility to work in Canada

Rate of Pay:

When calculating the rate of pay, please keep in mind that there will be 15% added to the rate of pay to compensate for payroll taxes (CPP, EI, EHT, WSIB and vacation pay). 

Once the form has been completed and submitted, you will receive an offer letter for the Research Assistant that will require your signature.  If an ID number has been created, this too will be provided to you. 

Your HR Representative will advise payroll of the assignment and provide a copy of the letter for confirmation.  The Manager of Research Finance in the Office of Research Services will also receive a copy of the form and will approve that the funds are available prior to the assignment being arranged. 

Please have your Research Assistant complete the New Hire payroll forms on the HR website as per the link below if this is their first employment opportunity with WLU.

An ID number will be created by HR once the offer has been signed by both the Principal Investigator and the Research Assistant.  This number will be provided to the PI to use for additional University services such as email etc.  

Other Employment Considerations:

Below highlights consideration for hiring of office, clerical and technical positions under research grants funded internally governed by WLUSA Collective Agreement.

•    Research Assistants funded internally on the Waterloo campus (or working within Kitchener/Waterloo or Barrie) fall under WLUSA bargaining unit and will have 1.3% deducted from the wages of the incumbent for union dues. 

•    WLU students are exempt from the WLUSA bargaining unit while actively studying or who have completed their academic program of study by April 30, shall retain their student status for the period of May 1 - August 31, to continue their existing employment position, provided the area in which the student is working does not have any Association Members on layoff during this period.  Students who have decided to terminate their studies cannot continue to be employed as students.  These students must be hired according to one of the options outlined above. 

•    Students registered at another institution will be subject to inclusion in the WLUSA bargaining unit.

•    Research Assistants located off campus, at the Brantford campus and all positions funded under Research Grants or Research Contracts, awarded by any government agency or third party organization where the funds are specifically directed towards research activities and administered through the Office of Research Services are exempt from the WLUSA bargaining unit

These details will be outlined in the employment letter. 

*Extension of these above contracts is limited under the WLUSA guidelines.  Any new assignment must be in performing different work than the original contract.