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Wilfrid Laurier University Human Resources
February 10, 2016

Canadian Excellence

Looking to hire staff under a research grant?

Now that you have received funding for your Research, you may need to hire staff to assist you. Please consider the following hiring options:

  1. Research Assistant (Funded externally) awarded by any government agency or third party organization where funds are directed towards research activities and administered through the Office of Research Services.
  2. Research Assistant (Funded internally) to assist with your research
  3. Research Assistant (Undergraduate Students)
  4. Research Associates who partner in your Research
  5. WLU Graduate Students
  6. Postdoctoral Fellows
This webpage has been developed to support you through the hiring process. Outlined in the links above are the steps to hire each one of the above staff members, the forms that must be completed and the department/staff member that can assist through this process.